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Site Reviewed: Snakehive

Updated on January 5, 2018
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Craig has been a writer on HubPages since 2013. He is currently studying for Marketing at Nottingham Trent University—in the land of Robin.

Snakehive - the designer smartphone cases everybody's talking about
Snakehive - the designer smartphone cases everybody's talking about
Who Dare Enter the Snake Hive? Nobody, that's why it makes such a fascinating brand name for a smartphone case company
Who Dare Enter the Snake Hive? Nobody, that's why it makes such a fascinating brand name for a smartphone case company

Another Site Hits the Dust

Snakehive, the smartphone case designer brand, offering key functionality, optimisation for complete usability of your device, blended with quality design and materials.

Welcome, to yet another e-retailer website review, and Snakehive is a personal extension to my personality, providing the phone cases for each and every phone that I have owned since 2009, the year that Snakehive first established itself on the online marketplace.

Affordable. Responsible. Quality reassured. The only three things that a potential buyer at Snakehive needs to know, but since it's your middle of the road market that it's niched around, sadly the wooden case designs provided by Snakehive could be better. The leather cases is where Snakehive shines, whereas the wooden designs are all of the above and more, but lack a certain premium appeal.

Premium smartphone cases of an affordable price, is our uniquely designed Snakehive cases, but with every affordable smartphone case there is bound to be a downside, and the drawback to the Snakehive cases is the wooden materials opting for walnut, bamboo, Rosewood and Maple wood, all of which create a bulky look and feel, ultimately taking away the sleek and smooth feel of the natural design of the smartphone itself.

In the market for a smartphone case made from a wooden exterior that is and feels more premium, leaving the sleekness of the phone intact, and are flexible of pricing and shipping from the US, then you might find what your looking for at Grovemade.

Snakehive Smartphone Case Collections

Here's the options, plain and simply the "vintage wallet collection", "slimline wallet collection", "wilderness wood collection", "pastel collection", and "vintage bifold wallets".

Each collection provides a unique outfitted look, covering all types of smartphone case designs to suit the buyers tastes, and in the flesh, surprisingly enough these outfits for our top priced smartphones actually look and feel like the premium images on the Snakehive website.

Well regarded by their clientele, Snakehive customers are often the returning customers in 12-24 months, the time when they receive their newly updated smartphone, and with a new super-slim, ultra-modern mobile phone there is that itching sensation that it is time to purchase a new shell case (we choose Snakehive, every time).

Buying new smartphone cases need not be a chore, as we have all been there, in that position of none responsive cases, either lacking in functionality, the premium feel, and even the premium quality. Then, we found Snakehive, and they offer the best of everything, without charging obscene prices that will make our toes curl in frustration in deciding on whether or not to make the tense costly decision to purchase, or not to purchase.

Thank you Snakehive, as the prices are right where we want them to be, and the decision of purchase can be exciting, whilst avoiding any investment doubts and waste-of-money disappointments.

Snakehive, Proudly British

Are you British? Yeah... Nope... It really doesn't matter, this London based smartphone smart-case company sells to us all, and they are highly regarded by their customers, and once you've had a Snakehive case, there is never a need to change the case, that is until the phone becomes outdated and there is a new mobile phone entering into our lives.

Really, Amazon just doesn't cut it, with the majority of the phone cases sold here lacking individualism and fresh taste. Never a dull day at your friendly smartphone case/covers niche site, Snakehive, but everyday is boring at Amazon. A marketers dream come true at Amazon, but the smaller niche driven sites like Snakehive have the ultimate marketing tool known to mankind/womankind, the small-medium sized business model focus that put their designer brand of phone cases on the map, and the proof is in the homepage.

Snakehive, The Official Snake-Hive Print Means We're in Business

Every year there is a new smartphone released onto the open market, representing a new advancement in technology, in which we can all thank Apple technologies for making possible. Before smartphones, mobile phones generally didn't have cases or covers, and again, we can thank Apple technologies, as their iPhone line of smartphones popularised smartphones, and subsequently cases/covers.

Hell, we'll bet most premium phone cases are sold to iPhone users, beating out Samsung S and Google Pixel line users for overall sales of smartphone cases with each new upgrade for the brands line of smartphone flagships. Again, Snikehive have us covered, as their uniquely designed, fashion statement phone cases can be bought for practically every smartphone on the open market.

First Job to do Now We Own the iPhone 8/8S/X, Pixel/Pixel 2, Samsung S8

And any new smartphone, out for release as we have closed into 2018, is to buy the phone case that will protect the shell, screen and inner workings of the newly bought smartphones. Perhaps, like us all, at some point or another you have simply settled for the phone cases that were given as gifts, searched for a cheap and usable case on Ebay, Amazon, or via the phone company that sold you your phone.

In truth, even the cheapest of smartphone cases should do the trick, but there is going to be a new faze in your life at some point as a high-end smartphone user, and suddenly, like many of us, you're going to want a phone case that screams me, and has a print, that signs the case as a standardised level of perfection. Now, so enters Snakehive, the designer phone case company that remains modest, homely, customer friendly, affordable and quality labelled.

There is a variety of smartphone cases out on the open market today, and each providing a different market niche, with some purposes being for the basics, others for a military-grade level of protection, others for a retro appeal, and then there are those like the ones sold by Snakehive, providing accessibility, fashionable appeal, complete protection for the phones front, back and sides, and even some allowing for a side wallet to store credit cards, debit cards, drivers licences, and even space for a limited number of notes.

Smartphone Cases, Each Perfectly Unique to One-Another

Since certain cases at Snakehive are made using wooden materials, essentially making up for roughly half of their merchandise, each one is carved slightly differently, with certain shapes and lines in the wood being entirely unique to the one individuals phone case.

The other half of Snakehive merchandise is made using leather materials, and these all have a fresh appeal, feeling different with every colour choice, each providing a certain look and feel. Still got the Christmas fever, then why not opt for an elf shoe leather coloured phone case by Snakehive.

Snakehive offer smartphone cases for more than 120 mobile phone models, and that leaves perhaps only the exception of an older modelled series of phones from more than 5 years ago that perhaps aren't covered at the site.

Snakehive takes pride, patience and craftsmanship into their individual phone cases, and the best, are undoubtedly the cases that are made for Apple, Samsung, Sony, and Google flagships, and there is no looking back, as we have now exposed the secrets to Snakehive, a smartphone holders favourite cosy companion.

Feelings Towards Snakehive (the smartphone designer case brand)

If you have bought from Snakehive, or have recently made a purchase with them, how would you personally rate the site (product satisfaction, customer service, web design, etc.)

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