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Six Incredible Tech Gifts Your Guy Will Flip Over

Updated on November 27, 2012

Sure, Your Man Already Loves You - but Why Not Sweeten the Pot with These Amazing Gadgets?

UPDATE (November 27, 2012): Please check for most recent versions of the following items.

Whether he's a golfer, a driver, forgetful, owns a computer, or just has a bad back, these exciting technological innovations are sure to delight your man.

1. Does your man love his iPad, but hate the fact that it's impractical to use for work? Well, no more. With the new iPad Keyboard Portfolio from Hammacher Schlemmer, your guy can now simply slide his iPad into the sleeve, stand it up, and roll out the keyboard. It even comes with a wrist pad! And when not in use, the keyboard also functions as a protective case for the iPad. So now he'll have the coolness of an iPad combined with the comfort of a traditional laptop. Just make sure he lets you borrow it! $99.95.

2. Is there a man in your life who's just a teensy bit forgetful? If so, gadget is sure to be a lifesaver. As soon as he is separated from his cell phone by more than 30 feet, the Cell Phone Watchdog from Hammacher Schlemmer will beep, flash its light, and vibrate - saving him (and, probably, you) a frustrating search expedition. The poker chip-sized device also functions as a remote Bluetooth noise canceling speakerphone, and even auto-dials 911 in an emergency. So don't get mad at him - get him this winner of the "Best of Innovations" award at the 2010 International Consumer Electronics Show. $79.95.

3. If you like to fight in in the car, don't give him the Garmin nuvi 255W Portable GPS. If not, this device will guide him to over 6 million Points Of Interest (POIs), verbally telling him street names and exits as he drives, to make sure that your ride, and relationship, stays on a smooth course. $112.44.

4. Are you sick and tired of hearing your guy complain about his aching back? He'll have no excuse once you give him the Therapist Select Shiatsu1 Massaging Cushion with Heat by Homedics. It attaches easily to any chair, and has customizable settings for massaging his back, neck and even shoulders - with Shiatsu and rolling functions as well as heat. It costs a fraction of what you'd spend on an actual massage chair. But unlike many other massage attachments, this one really has juice. Even the most cranky of men will exhale blissfully - and in that state, he'll be putty in your hands.

5. When your busy man is focused on his work, the last thing he wants to do is interrupt his flow by leaving his computer to re-heat his coffee - or get ice for his soda. You can be at his beck and call to do the honors - or, instead, give him the Usb beverage chiller & warmer excusively from Red Envelope. It plugs into any usb port on his laptop or desktop computer, and can instantly be changed from cooling to heating mode. What he wants, when he wants it - what guy doesn't want that? $29.95.

6. And finally, for the golfer you love, the grandaddy of men's tech gifts: the Garmin Approach G5 North America Golf GPS. From wherever the player is, this handheld number actually calculates the distance to the next hole, which helps him in club selection and course management. It's waterproof, with a beautiful touch screen, and comes preloaded with more than 14,000 golf courses in the US and Canada (rather than necessitating the downloading of each course onto the device manually). In short, he will be forever grateful, and he'll even think of you out on the golf course. No other gift can do that. $349.99.


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