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Size of Universal Milling Machine

Updated on January 8, 2010

The size of universal milling machine is designated by the dimensions of the working surface of the table audits maximum length of longitudinal cross and vertical travel of the table. The following are the typical size:

  • Table Length * Width.
  • Power traverse = Longitudinal * Cross * Vertical

In addition to the above dimension umber of spindle speeds, number of feeds, spindle nose taper, power available, net weight and the floor space required, etc., should also be stated in order to specify the machine fully.

Care and Maintenance of Milling Machine

The intelligent milling machine operator will study and observe the following or safe working practices when operating the machine.

  • Learn how to operate the controls before using the machine.
  • Fasten the work securely in the vise or to the table.
  • Does to change spindle speeds of any machine while the machine is running (unless there is a device on the machine that can change spindle speeds while the machine is running?)

  • Make sure that the cutter is clear of the work
  • Never remove or tighten a milling machine arbor nut with the power on.
  • The support arm must always be in position when the arbor nut is being removed tightened.
  • Do not remove the guards from the machine.
  • Do not walk away from their machine while the cutter is revolving. Shut off the motor.
  • When removing end mills and face milling cutter, always hold a rag over the sharp edges of the cutting teeth, this will prevent painful cuts.
  • Release all automatic feeds when you have finished using the machine.
  • If you are not sure of the correct and safe methods of procedures ask your teacher.


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