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SkyRox - The Best iPhone 6 Protective Case

Updated on November 19, 2014

Why the SkyRox is the best iPhone 6 protective case

I could write an article about the best Apple iPhone 6 cases but that’s been covered to death so I’ll just write one article about the best iPhone 6 protective case I know and then explain to you why opening a tiny box with this particular case nestled inside there is the best treat you’ll ever give yourself. The case I’m talking about is the SkyRox iPhone 6 protective case and it simply is the best case for your prized phone because:

1. It comes with three covers. That’s right, not one cover but three covers so you can use the black cover on day one and on day two you can opt to go with white and then switch things up by suiting your phone up in pink on day three. Your phone look will never be boring and your friends may even think you have three different phones but you’ll know that its just the flexibility provided by SkyRox through their genius 3 cover dual layer case.

2.Speaking of dual layers, this particular iPhone 6 protective case comes with drop protection. The case is so sturdy that even if you drop it, your phone will be protected and depending on how you drop it, the case probably won’t even get scratched or dented. It really is that good. This is especially important for multitasking mamas who often drop their phones will running errands, hard working men especially in jobs like construction or even the average Joe because lets face it, we’ve all unintentionally dropped our phones at some point in time.

3.It comes with a FREE screen protector. Its not enough that this small package is already awesome enough as is but the company is generous enough to throw in a freebie - and we all love freebies - so now, not only do you get to protect your phone in case of a fall but you can also protect it against dust and scratches with the screen protector.

You have no doubt spent a great deal of money on your iPhone 6 so isn’t it time you actually protected your investment? The Skyrox iPhone6 protective case does that for you - and it comes with a hassle free money back guarantee in case you’re not happy but trust me, you’ll be so happy with it that you’ll be telling your friends about it!

SkyRox iPhone 6 Protective Case package


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