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Skyvi for Android - The Talking Back To You App (Siri for Apple)

Updated on June 3, 2012

Skyvi - Android Talking App

Skyvi For Android

Skyvi is an interactive voice app desiged for the Android masses and the idea was taken directly after Siri for Apple. They both do the same thing. You can ask Skyvi anything and everything and her robotic voice will talk back to you and she will prompt you to talk back to her. She can even answer trivia questions for you.

You press the microphone button on the app and dictate voice commands to Skyvi such as:

Text (person's name). Skyvi will ask you, "What is the message?" Then you say what you want the text message to be said to the person.

Trivia: What is the president of the United States? Skyvi will tell you who it is and her voice sounds funny when she replies, "Barack Obama."

Where is Chevron? Skyvi will tell you where the nearest Chevron gas station is going by your GPS position.

Play last voicemail and Skyvi will do just that.

Play "Madonna - Holiday" and Skyvi will play Madonna's song for you. Sometimes she will ask you if you meant Michael Jackson, just for humor and fun.

Read Facebook status. Skyvi will ask who? You say "(person's name) wall." Skyvi will tell you what their current Facebook status is.

I am still playing around with Skyvi as of 3/23/2012 and I will definitely let you know what else this cool talking robot can really do!


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