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Slaves to technology

Updated on May 13, 2013

We are slaves to technology. Today, technology or its multitude of components move at the speed of lightning, being updated, revised, and expanded upon.

Technological change is constant. Because our world is made up of many mass consumer societies, there is an economic thrill to produce because there is money involved and the means to make more money.

Our age is different than previous epochs and eras. Today, we have bypassed and surpassed the "technological threshold" and are on a technological merry-go-around of more, better, exciting, different uses, more functions, little steps, no doubt to make us keep buying.

There hardly seems enough time to enjoy say a mobile, an ipad or an electronic tablet before we are bombarded by many others on the market. They are just versions of the original types with just more features and functions. It’s a technological race, but we keep buying.

Technological know-how is developing so fast that there is no time to catch one's breath, it is part of the new consumer culture of buying. It's not technology anymore, but sets of technologies and with that there are divisions, and sub-divisions and technological paraphernalia.

In the old days this was not the case at all, or it was but we hadn't realized it. Because it was crucial developments, providing the launch pad for what is happening now.

Maybe it was because society was still at a relatively early stage of development with the pace being much slower and perhaps easier to fathom.

Then inventions took longer to develop as they were still in the initial stage, and even prior to the initial embryonic stage. The thinking process, trial and error, the mechanisms that had to be created. They were still in their infancy.

And once developed, decades and even hundreds of years passed before such primitive technologies could move on the next stage, it was simply a process that had to grow. You could say society was being developed brick-by brick.

This was the crucial building process. The earlier stages were crucial for today's launch pads. The processes of technologies were developed, all that was left, in say early 20th century was to build upon earlier periods and continues the production of goods, mass goods, consumer durables and neat instruments.

As a result today instead of being satisfied with one thing, we need to be satisfied with whole collections of different things. Instead of having one mobile, we need to have two or three at the same time with the urge to keep changing.

Similarly computers, three or four being branded about the house, and we want more and more, like television sets, CD machines and so on.

Technology has become easier and made it easier to obtain a paradigm of whole stuff that we don't really need but it's easier to own, posses and relish.

Our age seems to be too good to miss through technology frivolous though, is what we have become!


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    • marwan asmar profile image

      Marwan Asmar 6 years ago from Amman, Jordan

      Thanks a lot. Much appreciated.

    • phillippeengel profile image

      Deng Xiang 6 years ago

      Your points are blessedly clear in exposition and I agree with all of them. You have done a good work!

    • marwan asmar profile image

      Marwan Asmar 6 years ago from Amman, Jordan

      Thanks for comment. I was merely pointing out that with new gadgets, there is a discerning culture of change. I too like the technology, but we are not given the time to enjoy what we have until something new comes along and we are enticed to buy it. Also, I don't think the tablets will ever replace the printed book, though I might be wrong. Cheers

    • Fiction and life profile image

      Fiction and life 6 years ago from Miami Fl

      I loved the hub, but also makes me want to state my point of view.

      Many of todays technology will replace essential things of how we view the world for better or for worse.

      For example the current Tablet war (if you have heard of it) is all for control of the book market. Is a tablet that can host thousands of books better than paper books? yes, and although there are flaws technology keeps revolutionizing the world.

      I like to compare technology to the horse-to-car transition. It might have been painful for old fashioned and accustomed folks, but eventually it was clear the pros outdid the cons and so everyone moved on.

      again great hub and is in part related to two of my other hubs, the kindle fire and why is the future of humanity uncertain.

    • marwan asmar profile image

      Marwan Asmar 6 years ago from Amman, Jordan

      Very true and interesting. I can't use many of the things you are talking about either but the fact is technology is part and parcel of our life, and I think take it for granted because it is there and gives us new stuff by the day. Its very important and many of us relish the new itens it keeps dishing out. Thanks

    • profile image

      Ghost32 6 years ago

      Not all of us are slaves to technology. Those who are seduced and/or hypnotized into wanting everything new that comes out simply because it's new...are, yes, slaves in a sense. Or, sometimes, simply fools.

      But I personally am not and never will be.

      Yes, I'm typing this on a computer keyboard. Yes, we have two TV sets in the house.

      But no, we do not own even one BlueRay, Bluetooth, iPad, or any of whatever all that other junk is out there. I've never owned anything made by Apple and primarily find the life of the late Steve Jobs most remarkable for Pixar, not the Mac.

      I refuse to use Word for word processing, prefering to stick with the earlier and in my opinion more user friendly Works. So what if I can't open a .doc file sent to me from a Word user? Don't care, dude! If you can't send it my way in either clear text or .pdf, I didn't need to read it. Period.

      Don't and won't use a .zip utility, either. If it's too big to fit without jam-slam-compressing the thing, I didn't need to read that, either. Period.

      For the past several months, due to a temporary financial shortage, my printer was unusable due to having no printer ink. So? I still know how to write with pen and ink. Duh.

      No. WE are not slaves to technology. YOU may be. LOL!

      Voted Up and More.