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Small Sized Smartphone Chic Mini beats out mini competition

Updated on May 23, 2014

Chic Mini

Chic Mini Size

Now the Chic Mini is not only a pleaser to those who love cuteness and ease of management, but also to those who want a truly competitive smartphone. There are many mini's or smaller versions of phones. The idea of easier handling appeals to many consumers. However, with the continuing trend of smartphones becoming video devices, CellAllure continues to ensure the screen isn't mini sized. The screen is still large enough coming in at 4 inches, the size of most smartphones, to display video beautifully. It stays easy on the eyes at this size and the picture is quite clear. This phone is actually powerful enough to intrigue a regular smartphone consumer while appealing to a consumer market perpetually aiming to be "cute." Now at it's size not only is it a simple fit in pockets, but it is also so light that it will not add any weight to a consumers purse.

Chic Mini Black

Chic Mini Power

The Chic Mini has impressive specs which allow it to compete on the mainstream market with phones from large to small. It still runs at a 1.0GHz level and is on a dual-core processor. This allows it to move with speed going from page to page. Most small versions of phones or "mini's" truly pale in comparison to there original version. I-pod mini's we're the original mini's in anything of relevant value. I know that if anyone had a mini they truly wished they had gotten a regular Ipod. Being stuck with a mini just couldn't bring the same level of value to the table. What CellAllure has done is keep the Chic Mini to near optimum levels of the original Chic. The specs alone in a smartphone of this level are surprisingly powerful for a version of a phone that is usually on the bottom level selling mostly off concept rather then value.

Chic Mini vs Motorola Droid Mini

In comparison these phones are very similar. The Droid mini by Motorola is a little stronger in its processor. It contains 1.5GHz yet when demonstrated next to each other the speed doesn't seem to be noticeably different the apps run no quicker or slower. They seem to keep pace with each other. The Droid mini screen is around 3.8 inches making it a little harder to see, especially when its already a mini. Compared to regular droid phones the specs a truly downgraded. It's running at much lower rate. However, the biggest shock Is the price difference. In order to get the Droid mini you have to dish out $599.00. In order to buy Chic Mini the cost is only $225.54. That's less then half the price for a phone that runs at similar levels. When everything is broken down it appears that what being purchased for nearly $600.00 is a phone that has a popular brand name. Motorola the razor creator has a built a reputation in the past, but they've also been out of the limelight for some time. CellAllure hasn't really been able to fly above the radar at this point but there phones are truly impressive. CellAllure has gotten very popular within the South American regions. Mexico in particular is a large consumer. Maybe it's time for a new competitor to make its way to the center stage.

Well Known Competitors

The idea of Mini

Mini is a very strong term that has a lot repercussions when it comes to attracting tech savvy customers "mini" is not a strong buy. In general it is something of a gimmick. Buyers looking for the cute gimmick are always going to be the target market of a mini phone. I find what CellAllure has done to be something commendable. They haven't done anything to destroy the gimmick. They are also staying true to the roots of there company. They are offering a great product that really isn't steering anyone in a bad direction. There offering a very powerful mini at an exceptionally low price. Impressively it seems that they have more interest in offering a good product then just making sales. Yet, one has to wonder why they haven't caught on in the USA. Making great products is only the first step. CellAllure has to take it up a notch if they want to compete with the big names like Samsung, Apple, Google and Motorola.


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