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Smartphones, the iPhone and the Unlimited Consumption of Data Problem

Updated on January 29, 2012

Everyone loves smartphones and Apple iphones because you can do just about everything with them and they fit in your pocket. We do so many things with them, email, listen to radio, text, watch video, search the Internet, use the web. But let's say, you have a plan that allows for 2GB of data use. That is a hell of a lot. Why worry you think.

If you are a fairly typical user, everyday you stream 15 min. of your fav TV shows or videos, you view 50 pages of web Internet, you listen to two hours of music being streamed from your favorite station, you post 10 items on Facebook or Twitter with a shitty photo and you get or sent 50 emails.

Just like that, with no effort at all, you have consumed 3GB of data in a month. Now, you are WAY over your 2GB plan. Watching a single 90 minute movie with the smartphone or accumulating 200 minutes of video watching (this is SO easy to do) will easily be 1GB. So, don't be shocked when the surcharges for data use above your plan appear. Besides getting emails from the provider that you are over the plan and costs, the provider will slow your use down with reduced data speeds, which are intended for you to be either be patient or to give up and not use it. Surcharges can range from $20-50 on top of the bill.

Did you think data is free"

The average smartphone user consumed 600-700MB of data per month. On T-Mobile, it is 1.76 GB, on Sprint, 1.2 GB. To reduce data consumption while using the smartphone, for movies or videos, use wi-fi on the phone and download in that manner.

As for "unlimited plans", well, they are just that BUT if you go beyond what your provider considers to be average use, they will throttle you, meaning, slow you down when trying to use Internet, watch a video etc. So, if you notice a Internet connection is taking too long, it could be this or maybe not. Users can always check on how much data they have used and determine if that video or movie is worth getting a surcharge on the upcoming bill.


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