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Online Marketing Replaces the Brag Wall

Updated on May 15, 2015

Social Media Marketing Intelligence

Who is talking about your business? How do you know? Did you get a nice hand written card thanking you for your excellent service or product? Did you hang it on your office wall so that all the folks who come to your office can see it and know that you are a great business owner who offers a great product and backs it with years of experience and down-home, old-fashioned business sense? Maybe send a photo of it to your grandmother with your smart phone – she will be so proud.

Where are my Customers?

It’s a nice idea. Sweet, really. Highly unlikely in this age of internet consumerism–and as sweet as it sounds, having a brag wall in your brick and mortar office is mostly a waste of real estate. I recommend busting out the wall in front of your desk and installing a large window- so you can see the world pass you by as you write your marketing plan and scratch your head, wondering where your customers are.


Post it!!

Your business would do well to learn the lesson from that thank-you note-writing customer of days gone by and, if you’re smart, kick it up a notch. Scan that card and post it to your blog, Facebook, company website and even virtual ads you pay to display. Make reference to it in your tweets–or link to a photo of it from Twitter. Most of your customers will never even see your office or your brag wall and never know how great you are–or were. But, you must know that by now if you still have a store-front business and a brag wall.


Chatter Chatter Chatter

People are talking to other people every day about the service, products, and experiences they have. Droves of people--millions and billions of people are talking to each other–about businesses they love, like, and hate…on the web, on FaceBook, on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Amazon.

Are they talking about you? Why not? Maybe because you have not given them the opportunity to say how great your product is. Or, how well you handled that little hiccup in the service department. People will thank you billions of times a day- given the opportunity.

Including your business in some form of online discussion may mean the difference between staring at that old thank-you card and yearning for days gone by, and cranking out thank-you notes of your own, from your smart phone or tablet (while you vacation at the lake). Unless, that is, you prefer to work weekends planning how to pay for your next marketing campaign.


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