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Social Media and the Importance in Business

Updated on April 15, 2015

An Introduction to Social Media

Our society lives in an exciting time where social media and connectivity are at an all time high. Services such as Twitch and Periscope allow users to stream content - whether it be their own talk shows, video games or public events. Through these apps, users are able to drive attention to their content and even use these platforms to earn income.

Services like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter propel creativity in photos and status updates. Combining the use of these apps and services can help spotlight a persons work and greatly improves the visibility of what they are doing. For anyone looking to promote their art, media or business... social media is quickly becoming more of a necessity and no longer just an option.

Social Media in Business

In terms of businesses, social media has become another way to compete for market share. With the correct use of these services by businesses... their consumers can also benefit and be rewarded. These rewards are often sales or discounts posted only on social media accounts. While these discounts are for the consumer, the business is also reaping success from more visits to their accounts, more followers on these accounts and an increase in the likelihood of having their name spread by word of mouth. From a business perspective it is best to look at social media as free and powerful marketing for the company.

While social media can help promote a business - these sites and apps can also help someone find a career. LinkedIn is used as a site for people to upload their qualifications, resume, work experience and other items that pertain to job searches. Essentially the site handles like Facebook as it is focused on the social networking aspect. It is a great tool that everyone should utilize because it can lead to great opportunities but it can also help those in your network make connections with companies through mutual acquaintances.


Positives vs. Negatives

Social media and social networking sites have taken some negative heat in recent years. You will often hear the argument that these sites have led to a new generation of people always attached to their technology. These same people will often explain that face to face communication seems as though it is becoming more of a thing of the past while texting, posting and updating social media is how most interactions now happen - especially in younger generations.

There are also numerous reports that the use of these services often leads to an all new form of bullying. This bullying isn't limited to middle and high school, but often can take place in job settings and professional areas. However, I do believe... if used correctly, the positives of social media certainly outweigh the negatives.

Social Media is Here to Stay

In closing, it is easy to see the powerful benefits that social media can play in both the business world and how it can also be used to express a person's creative work. Social media is here to stay and will continue to grow and adapt, as technology continues to improve. I'm excited to see how the current sites will adapt but I'm even more thrilled to witness the creation of new innovative apps and how they will change what social media currently is.

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