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Social Networking: Comparing Your Options

Updated on October 1, 2017

Keeping In Touch

These days everyone is connected through a social network of some sort. You almost have to be to keep up with friends and family or even your favorite celebrities. There are many advantages and disadvantages to plugging yourself into these social networks. Most businesses use social networking communities to promote specials and bring in new business. Your family will post pictures of themselves during their daily lives and of their recent vacations or other various adventures. All in all social networks are enjoyable, but for every funny picture or heart warming post there's always those people who need to post every moment of their daily lives online, which can get old fast.


Facebook seems to be the most popular kid on the social networking scene. Everyone has a Facebook these days, almost all businesses sport their own Facebook page where they promote their products and advertise special deals.

Facebook lets you create photo albums, create smaller communities within Facebook by creating groups, and making your own pages. You can invite your friends to your parties through creating an event and adding your friends to it where they will let you know if they will be attending or not. If your going to get on board the social networking train Facebook is the most popular choice, there is a higher chance of people you know having an account on Facebook than any other Social networking site.


Google+ is pretty interesting and seems to be growing in popularity every day. It seems as if Google got in on the Social Networking game a little late but Google+ has a lot of potential and is gaining quite a following, people are even leaving popular sites like Facebook to switch over to Google+.

With Google+ you keep your friends in circles that you can name yourself, your friends can't see what you name your circles so you can keep your best friends and the people you don't like that much in appropriate circles and they will be none the wiser. Google+ Has a wall similar to Facebook but its more public its not really "your" wall, as much as it is a wall where everything your friends post goes. This means that the content on this "wall" is almost constantly cycling.

Google+ also has Hangouts where you can get together with a bunch of your friends and you can all video chat with each other at the same time. I've seen groups of friends hang out and I've heard of Hangouts where someone will read a story they wrote and ask for input.

Google+ has a lot of potential and may give Facebook a run for its money in the near future, Google+ seems to be only getting better.


Twitter seems to be a popular way to keep up with your favorite celebrities and media. I don't know anyone personally who uses twitter and it doesn't seem to be incredibly popular outside of keeping up with your favorite Kardashian or your favorite Band.

I created a Twitter account awhile back and found it confusing and not very interesting. It seemed less social than the other social networks I've joined and I couldn't get into it. However if you're into keeping up with celebrities and the media it may be just what your looking for.


MySpace used to be the #1 Social Network on the scene. It seemed to have been pushed aside when Facebook became popular and with Google+ creeping its way into the top spot I'm not sure Myspace stands a chance of catching its footing again in this race. Back in the day you could fully customize your Facebook to look any way you wanted it to so your page would match your personal style and reflected your interests.

After checking it out again after all these years they seemed to have gone to a page format that almost looks like a Facebook clone. I'm unsure if everything is still as easy to customize as it used to be. MySpace seems to have a lot going on to do with music though, so if your into music or even make your own music MySpace might be worth your time.


There are a lot of choices when your looking for a Social Network. Ask around and see what your friends and family are using, there's no sense in joining a Social Networking site if no one you know is using it. There is also no reason that you can't join more than one Social Networking website, look around and have fun but remember to stay safe and don't share too much personal information on the internet. Remember to have fun but also use common sense.


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    • mperrottet profile image

      Margaret Perrottet 

      6 years ago from San Antonio, FL

      Wow, I didn't even realize that Myspace is still around. I'll have to check it out. Useful hub!


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