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Social media and viral marketing how and why Google, Facebook,Twitter, Bing, You Tube and Pinterest help.

Updated on August 9, 2012


Pleas "like" Mindyjgirl's Photography Page
Pleas "like" Mindyjgirl's Photography Page | Source

Viral marketing can be very lucrative especially if you are selling something in the Blog or Hub that went viral... let's say you blog or hub and put a lot of key tags in it like (my title of this hub). As well as an exciting subject matter in the blog or hub. Next you have posted on Google, Facebook, Twitter and you pinned it in Pinterest. Your article then "went Viral " You just got hundreds of thousands of fellow blogger and surfers to look at your ads and become a potential buyer. This its like an instant million dollar T.V. ad that you didn't have to purchase. thousands and thousands of people are looking at it. The Viral effect is really exciting when you really think about it. Then, lets add the selling your biography book into the mix and you are and instant millionaire! Be sure to add on the blog or hub that you are going to have more books out soon as well. The key is to build up lots of fans, friends and followers and write stuff that will get people to "re-post" your blog or "share" or "pin" your ideas. That's why social networking is important and having many social accounts can help.You might want to sign up for Google ad words to help bring more traffic, you can become a member of many other blog and social sites as well, some people join network bloggers and other networks to help get the word out about their story.

Google is still one of the best search engines on the Internet, In my opinion its great and I love iGoogle I don't know why its going "off Air" with that feature, I am surprised that no one has swooped in with a page and features like iGoogle's. You see the more popular your page is the higher it gets to the top of the search engines list. That's why we like search engines such as Bing,Dog-pile,Yahoo, and many more! I know I am forgetting others. We get first dibs on the searchers and surfers!! People are more likely to click on the top results than ten pages back. The same goes for You Tube, you post exciting ,informational, of funny videos get lots of fans and you can be in a earning program, depending on how many thousands of views you get.

Kayak to me was so inventive, it takes all the famous travel agents and brings them together, that was literally nitro! The Dogpile search engine has the same idea as well.

I will post more as I am still learning more myself in this wonderful world wide web! Thank you for "Sharing" Tweeting" and Posting" Liking" and "Awesome" lets see if I can go viral this week?!!

Thank you :) Please feel free to comment and or ask questions!

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  • phildazz profile image

    Allan Philip 4 years ago from Toronto

    Thanks for the insight on network marketing, with your ideas the only way is up!