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Software Piracy: How Do You REALLY feel?

Updated on March 1, 2010

 Software piracy grew last year, accounting for 41 percent of all PC software installed [up from 38% last year], with losses to companies estimated at $53 billion.

Ever wonder how they come up with such figures? Sort of like the current health care cost debate, where do the numbers come from and are they accurate? Okay, but what about software piracy. What I mean is software programs that have been hacked and cracked, allowing a person to install and use a full version of, let's say,  Corel X4 high end graphics or Windows 7.

These programs are sold on the internet in Ebay, iOffer, and many other websites, some with hundreds of cracked software available. Most were hacked by intelligent people in Eastern Europe or Asia, then sold to many in the US and elsewhere for a fraction of the retail cost. Once bought, the payor downloads the program, usually unzips it and burns a CD of it prior to installing it. Most of the cracked software needs no special "key" or other code to activate it. Usually the program works fine. Some offer Adobe products for only $50-70. Products that had you bought in the store would have cost you $500 or more.

So, when it really comes down to it, to your personal need because because you want to learn a program to advance your career, need it for your current work because the employer does not have it, or you just want it, would you buy a pirated software program?

Some will say, not a problem because the software companies are making a ton of cash from those who do pay the insane retail price and from the company is overcharging the customer anyway. Some will say,I need the application but I don't have that kind of cash, so yeah. Some will say, all hackers should be arrested and the companies need to charge that amount due do development. Still others might say, software companies are rich anyway, they can afford to sell their products much cheaper but don't. 

So, would you buy such a program knowing it was probably hacked? Would you admit it if you have already? Whatever reason you have, I am sure it is valid from your own personal perspective.

Would you buy a hacked software program to save serious money?

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