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Software Review: Norton 360

Updated on March 31, 2012

Norton 360 is the newest member of the Norton PC Security family. The software boasts that it incorporates all-round protection into one easy to use program. Like Windows Live One-Care, Norton 360 combines anti-virus, firewall, anti-spyware, anti-phishing, tune-up repairs and automatic backups. What makes Norton 360 unique is that it comes with a remote account where you can upload your back-ups. Which means when your computer crashes your back-ups will be held at Norton's server for retrieval.

PC Security

Norton 360 combines all of the things you need to be safely connected to the internet while still allowing control over the individual security features. The security features include;

  • Auto Protect: continually monitors your PC for viruses, spyware, and other risks.
  • Firewall: protecting your PC from hackers and other online intruders.
  • LiveUpdate: Automatically updateing so that you always have the most up tp date definitions.
  • Virus and Spyware Scan: Preforming deep clensing scans to make sure no viruses or spyware are hiding within your files.
  • Email Scanning: Protecting you from malicious email or spam by monitoring your email.
  • Windows Updates: Making sure that your version of Windows is up to date.
  • Intrusion Protection: checking for intrusion attempts.
  • Weak Passwords Check: a feature that lets you verify the strength of your passwords.
  • Browser Vulnerability: automatically checking your browser settings.
  • Network Address Check: automatically scans your Windows network settings.

Transaction Security

Phishing protection is important for online transaction because the filter lets you know if a web-site is fraudulent and should not be trusted.

The phishing-filter toolbar is attached to your browser and will work automatically. See below.

Backup and Restore

Perhaps the most unique feature of Norton 360 is its automatic Backup features. The remote account lets you rest easy knowing that you information is safe no matter what happens to your computer. The initial back-up takes time but after that the the process is reduced significantly because the program knows which files were changed and only updates those ones. The back-ups can be scheduled at regular times when you are not at your computer so that you will not have to worry about CPU usage.

The Backup Settings allow you to control which files to Back Up: categorized by type (Pictures, Financial Files, Documents, Contacts, Added Files and Folders, Music, Video, Emails, and Internet Favorites). Backup Location: internal hard drive, external hard drive, burn to CD/DVD, or Norton's secure online storage. Backup Schedule: lets you chose from Automatic (initiating when your PC is idle), Weekly, Monthly, or Manually.

PC Tuneup

The PC Tuneup scans can be scheduled regularly so that you computer isn't bogged down with added weight internet files create. The scan includes:

  • Clean Up Internet History: cleaning your browsers unnecessary history files.
  • Clean Up Internet Temporary files: files accruded through internet browsing and downloading.
  • Clean up Windows Temporary Files: cleaning up unnecessary Windows file clutter.
  • Disk Optimization: defraging you files to improve PC preformance.

My Review

I think that Norton 360 is a smokingly good deal for those looking for total PC protection. The $80 price tag is minimal since it combines all the programs that would have normally been sold seperatly for hundreds of dollars. The price includes a one-year subscription for up to 3 PC's.

I mainly use a laptop so CPU efficiency is important to me, from what I can see the Norton 360 runs on 25,000 K which is about the same as an internet browser. So far I love it and would recommend it to anyone.

Norton 360 officially sells for $79.99 but Amazon sells the same program for under $40.


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    • profile image

      norton 360 5 years ago

      Norton is a set of powerful anti-virus software, it can help you detect tens of thousands of known and unknown viruses, and when turned on, automatic protection will be resident in the System Tray, when you from the disk, the Internet, E-mail clip file to open files will automatically detect the safety of the archives, if files containing the virus, then would immediately warning, and proper treatment.

    • profile image

      adumpaul 6 years ago

      Nice descriptive article.Norton is upgrade antivirus.

    • profile image

      Marcus 8 years ago

      Its trash

      My advice is never buy

      Constant missed virus issues

      Zero help or support

      It turns a sprinting pc into a non functioning pc

      Its utter garbage

    • profile image

      Stephanie 10 years ago

      HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE....I have used Norton for four years and had to upgrade to the new software, once I downloaded this software and the next day I got a virus on my computer. I had to pay 100.00 for them to remove it. Very bad customer service. They like to transfer calls from person to person and you have to repeat your problem over and over again. They promised two times to call me back in reference to the software and I never recieved one returned call. All customer service reps are outsourced to other countries, I wanted to speak to someone in the US and when they transfered me to the "US" call center it was actually a call center in India and the rep was using an "american" name. I wanted a refund for the product and it took four times of calling and I finally got a refund. They wouldn't give me the 100.00 back even though it was their fault I got the virus.

    • profile image

      Ramakrishna 10 years ago

      We purchase a New Norton 360 Software. My OS is Windows Xp SP2 Profassional. iam Using a 3 systems. Networking is very good working. I instal Norton 360. Networking gon. please Help me.

    • profile image

      Saara 10 years ago

      In the Anti Virus software category, Norton is a brand. I 'll try to buy it & get it installed in my laptop.

    • profile image

      Saara 10 years ago

      In the Anti Virus software category, Norton is a brand. I 'll try to buy it & get it installed in my laptop.