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Solar Panels & Carbon Offsetting

Updated on February 13, 2014



Solar Energy & Carbon Offsetting

Solar Energy & Offsets

The most provocative and innovative energy technology to date is solar energy. It is the newest in technology that lends a hand in carbon offsetting in our environment and has a multi-purpose of energy savings and cash in the consumer’s pocket. This solar cell is called; “photovoltaic panels” and are made of materials that interact with the sun and radiation (light) engaging it, and converting energy, and producing energy and electricity for businesses, residences, and recreational facilities. Just like our bodies convert energy with conductance, convection, evaporation, and oxygen, so does the solar panel because it has an ability to interact in the same way with the sun in a conductor with the proper materials and solar panels or tiles. This product is still in its infancy and was introduced in 1954 but they did not become more widely used and publicized until recently.

Solar Energy is a powerful energy source that reduces electrical bills up to 70% that in itself is a huge drop in any electrical bill. Imagine if I had a bill for $80 dollars a 70% savings or reduction would be $56 dollars, that is more than half of the amount that I would have to pay on a regular basis without solar energy. These savings could be passed onto other places or re-circulated in the economy. For a business, economically it produces reductions in outstanding electrical billings that could lead to improvements, more jobs, and better infrastructure producing better efficiency and a much stronger economy. A residential conversion is very economical and could reduce electrical bills that would put savings and cash into the consumer’s pocket. All of the monies saved could be recirculated in the economy in many different ways and would benefit everyone in the long haul. The US could gain an advantage economically internationally and abroad by utilizing solar energy to revamp our economy.

Solar Energy reduces the need for power plant sources where there are carbon emissions from the powering of the plant. The reductions are the fossil fuels used to power the power plants and the hydrogen use and emissions that increase carbon emissions is reduced in the atmosphere. This alone tells you that the benefits are multiple and it increases clean air and oxygen that we inhale and breathe every day. Not only does it increase the beneficial air we breathe but simply put it also increases the livelihood of plants, food, sea life, wildlife, and animal life that are of crucial benefit and sustenance to us as humans.

Solar panels could be assembled on rooftops without damage to the structure and it has an appealing and stylish look that make it futuristic looking in its layout. The photovoltaic panels, (PV cell) are sometimes assembled right on site and there are many different ways it could be structured to fit and arrangement that the consumer will appeal to. The energy and watts that the panels engage in at in the 10 to 300 watts range and are the most cost effective technology on the market to reduce electrical bills. The grids or panels convert the energy and are connected to the wiring and circuit board that connect to the municipality in the area otherwise known as your electric company.

Solar panels could be installed with as low as zero down in federal assistance grants and the provider or company who installs them could easily help you through the process.

More and more businesses and homeowners are looking for ways economically to save money or stretch their dollars. Solar allows you to do both at the same time in allowing savings on costs and putting your hard earned dollars in your pockets or savings accounts. The money you can save is up to 80% and that is an economical upgrade to any business or home with savings in costs and money that could be saved or spent elsewhere, like upgrades in the home or business.

Volume 2, Issue 3, May 7, 2013


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