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Solar Power: Affordable Solar Power Gadgets

Updated on May 14, 2015


While the urgency to go green is all around us it is a logical time to go solar. Going solar does not have to cost a lot of money it just takes some research to find the solar gadgets that fit your wants and needs.

Those giant solar panels that you see on roofs are not the only way to go solar. There are small incremental ways to live a more eco friendly life by adding small yet functional solar panels to everyday gadgets.

Solar battery chargers are the most common gadgets that can easily be purchased and used in everyday life situations. They are inexpensive initially and they can save money as time goes on. Think of them as gifts that keep on giving.

So much of our lives depend on batteries. Those batteries are constantly in need of recharging. Each time they are recharged it adds to your electric bill. Multiplied by millions of batteries the impact to nature is huge.

Mobile gadgets use a tremendous amount of battery power. They suck up energy and scream for more. If you don’t give it to them they just shut down – no questions asked and no chance to finish what you’ve started.

It is important to know that charging batteries or gadgets via solar power is slower than just plugging them into a wall socket. Each solar battery charger has a battery of its own built inside. That battery has to be charged before the juice can be transferred into and iPod battery (example).

It may sound like cheating but the solar panel battery charger can be plugged directly into the included DC adapter that is in turn plugged into the wall socket to charge its own internal battery. That is a good thing during times of little sunlight.

Solar battery chargers come in many forms. Some are flat, some are part of backpacks, some are foldable, some are actually a part of the gadget itself and some attach to each other to produce even more battery power.

You want your battery charger to give a constant charge so it is a good idea to have a charge controller. A charge controller prevents the over charging of batteries also.


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    • Debbie Cook profile image

      Debbie Cook 8 years ago from USA

      Thank you so much "Household Income" that is such a nice thing to say.

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      Household Income 8 years ago

      I now have read a lot of your artilces/ hubs. I love the style and have learnt a lot from you. With a lot more practise maybe I'll improve, with your obvios style my improvement shold be much quicker. Thank you