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SolidWorks Tutorials for Beginners_How to Use Extrude Boss Feature

Updated on June 21, 2015

Introduction SolidWorks

SolidWorks is a computer aided software (CAD) which is mainly used for solid modeling and design process. It is one of the popular 3D cad software used around 2 million engineers as well as many companies. It is developed by SolidWorks Corporation and works perfectly in Microsoft windows operating system. In solidworks modelling is very easy and it is one of the user friendly software in the categories of CAD software. There are many features associated with this 3d modelling software. This hub deals with how to use extrude boss or base feature in SolidWorks and also contains a tutorial video about Extrude boss or base function.

How to Create Solid Modles Using Extrude Boss/Base Feature

Step-1: First select the plnae. Here I select Top plane and click right button and click on "normal to" option. It look like figure shown below.

Select "Sketch" option and from that click on Rectangular or circle or any shape you want. Here I select a rectangular shape. The Draw the rectangle in the graphic place with click and dragging it.


Use the "Smart dimension"to set dimensions of our sketch. Select the smart dimension symbol by clicking it. Then click on each line of rectangle to set the dimesions is show in the figure.


After smart dimensioning, exit from sketch window. Then go to features and select Extrude Boss/Base" feature. This will help to convert our drawing into 3d solid model. Here it become a box of size 50x50x30.


Select the top plane of the rectangular box. Go to sketch and select circle symbol by clicking it and draw circle on the top plane of the box. Then exit from the sketch.

Select the sketch 2(circle) and go to features and select extrude boss/base and st lenth of extrusion in the extrude boss menu on the left side. Then click OK.


You created a solid 3D model using SolidWorks cad software. We can make any geometries using extrude boss or base feature.


Conclusion of Extrude Boss/Base Feature

We know that extrude boss or base feature is mainly used for adding materials to simple sketches. It also helpful for making complex geometries.

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