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Solutions to Adverse Effects of Technology: Fighting the Effects

Updated on July 12, 2016
Solutions to the negative effects of technology. The picture is designed with technological products including concrete mixing machine.
Solutions to the negative effects of technology. The picture is designed with technological products including concrete mixing machine. | Source

Topic Introduction

In as much there are many negative effects of technology in our societies today; there are possible ways of fighting the challenges associated with them. Scientists are wise and on daily basis have been making efforts to devise means through which the advice effects of technological development can be solved or corrected. The truth is that technology in totality cannot be scrapped out from the surface of the earth as it has come to stay. Yes, it has come to stay because many believe technology has more advantages than its disadvantages, which many people are capitalizing. In the argument between the technophiles and the technophobes, the technophobes seriously capitalize on the bad sides of technology without considering the good sides.

In this topic, to be concentrated in are the ways through which adverse effects of technological development all over the world can be fought. There are so many organizations that have organized essay competitions on how the problem of technology can be solved. The contestants of essay competitions of this kind suggested their ideas to win in such essays.

At of the end of such essays, only few emerged winners but that does not mean that some other candidates that participated did not write well. Some ideas provided by those contestants in such essays have been in existence while others brought out some other new ideas. The reason for organizing such essay competitions shows the interest of people in solving the challenge posed by technology of the modern age.

Fighting the adverse effects of technology. All the practical methods that can be used.
Fighting the adverse effects of technology. All the practical methods that can be used. | Source

Fighting Adverse Effects of Technological Development

A number of ideas have been brought out to solve the challenges with technological development and some are still under research. The solutions to be used in fighting the adverse effects of technology are:

  • Purification of harmful emission;
  • Industrial, market, and house monitoring;
  • Recycling;
  • Technological assessment; and
  • Proper industrial positioning.

Purification of Harmful Emission

Gases and harmful technological products can reduce their harmful status through purification process.Due to the eagerness to find solutions to reduce the problems caused by technological advancement, scientists have come up with the ides of purifying the gases that are being emitted from automobiles and industrial machines in general. This to some extend has helped reduce the air pollutions we generate from gases.

In the recent time, catalytic converter has been manufactured to purify the gases that are being emitted from vehicles. This is being installed in most machines used in some parts of the world before selling to the customers. In the United States, Germany and other parts of the world, this type of catalytic converter have been in use for long time. Hence, more research are being carried out by scientists to come up with more efficient ones that will serve the large population of people that make use of vehicles.

Because of the use of the converter, the air pollution by harmful gases which get deposited in the atmosphere and react with water during rainfall has been reduced. Drinking of water which is made harmful by reacting with harmful gases evolved into the atmosphere has caused so many challenges to human race and scientists are gradually making efforts to solve the problems.

Industrial, Market and House Monitoring

It is true that some gases that are observed to be detrimental or harmful to the human system have been banned for use; yet some products are still made and sold to people which contain the gas in question. This is like building while another is somewhere else destroying the effort of the builder.

The use of substances (example ethane) that evolve chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) in the production of refrigerators have been banned because of its attack to the ozone layer. Irrespective of this ban, some companies still sell refrigerators that evolve this gas to costumers at cheaper prices without the buyers knowing the reason why the products are sold to them at such cheap price. Some buyers are ignorant of the effects of such gas.

If governments should set-up monitoring teams that will work to make sure environmental friendly gases are used by industries /companies, the adverse effects of technological advancement will be reduced. The agency should be established in all the states and local governments that are in every country for the efficiency of the monitoring exercise to be increased. They should visit houses and markets where electronics products are sold/used to ensure that the nature of the gases emitted by such products are not very harmful to man and the entire environment.

How to solve the negative effects of technological advancement through recycling process.
How to solve the negative effects of technological advancement through recycling process. | Source


Recycling of products has proven its importance in curbing adverse effects of technology. Recycling of items is one of the best ways of reducing pollution. Based on this heading, recycling is the process of converting already used materials into useful materials. Many governments all over the world are working to minimize the level of pollution in their societies by embarking on recycling method. In United States, Canada, Nigeria, and some other parts of the world, recycling has been embraced to its optimal level.

Used plastic materials for instance are among the most recycled products all over the globe. These are non-biodegradable materials and when left to be scattered all over the cities, they continue to multiple and causing disorderliness in turn. Due to this, there are many plastic recycling companies situated in many places of the world. People are provided with waste bins so that they can easily deposit their used polymer wastes in them. Whenever these bins are filled, the body that work under the department comes and carry the wastes to recycling companies where they are recycled and made available for used again.

Instead of spending money for new natural material for production of new products made of plastics, the used ones are recycled at cheaper price without spending much money. This method has proven helpful and many polymer companies have been making good cash from it. In fact, many are making business plans on polymer products recycling as starting up such business has proven to be less costly.

Another product that is being recycled in the modern world is paper. Because of deforestation being experienced by many countries, governments have been advising paper manufacturing companies to cultivate into recycling of the already used ones instead of cutting down trees to source the pulp the need to produce new ones. Paper is very useful and it is a product which is of high demand, as a result of this, paper manufacturing companies have hired many workers whose duty is to supply used papers to them.

Technological Assessment

Technological assessment is another key solution that has been adopted to solve the challenge brought about by technology. Before further explanation on the topic, what is technological assessment? The process of testing, studying and evaluating any proposed technology before it is put to use is called technology assessment. The purpose of technology assessment is to discover how products will behave in the future use. The products are assessed to find out if they will cause problem to the universe in future.

There are bodies or organizations that are seriously working on this project. They are mostly located in the developed countries of the world where manufacturing of technological products is one of the major source of the economic growth. In Germany, United States and Japan, the bodies work hard in testing products before they are sold out for use.

In certain cases, the adverse effects of some technological products where not initially detected but found after public use for years. When discovered, underground works are done on the other the same kind of products to be supplied to the markets in future.

Proper Industrial Positioning

There are industries that are not supposed to be situated in the environment where people are living. Examples of such industries are those that deal in manufacture of chemicals. Some gases evolved from those kinds of industries are usually harmful to human health. To avoid causing problems to man, they should be situated far from where people live.

Also, industries that deal on chemical whose sewage systems are being discharged to the environment during manufacturing should not be situated near rivers. The liquid wastes from such industries flow into river when being drank become harmful. To avoid problem of such nature, the positioning of such industries should not be near any river to avoid affecting aquatic lives and man who consumes the aquatic animals.


Technology is good and the power of technology cannot in anyway be overemphasized. But, the technology which is good to the world has in one way or the other caused problems to the society. This topic stressed on solutions through which the problems caused by technology can be resolved.


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