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How to Connect a HDMI Cable From a Laptop to a TV

Updated on October 12, 2013

Connecting Your Laptop to a TV

A few months ago my DVD recorder blew up, well not literally, but it did make a loud bang and then there was an eerie silence. I couldn't really afford a new one at the time, so instead I borrowed a HDMI cable and instead of recording shows when I am out, I just watch them when the TV networks release them on their websites a couple of hours later. They usually keep streaming the programs for around a month; plenty of time to catch up on my favorite shows! The great benefit of this is that I still get to watch shows i like, but fit it into my schedule, not the other way around.

Watching TV streamed online via your TV set is easy. All you need is a hdmi cable; plug it in and your set to go! In most cases that is all it takes, however, you could initially have problems getting the audio to work through the TV set.

It took me quite a while to figure out a simple solution for what I thought was a difficult problem. If you are using windows, follow these tips to get sound working on your TV set via your laptop.

Quick Solutions

  • Have you selected HDMI as the default speaker?
  • Is your HDMI speaker muted?

Troubleshooting: TV Connected to Laptop via HDMI Cable - No Sound!

  • Select Start > Control Panel > Sounds
  • The first tab titled Playback should list Speakers and HDMI. Right click on the HDMI and select as default device. You should see green sound levels to indicate that is is work.

I still have no sound on my TV through the laptop
If your TV still has no sound coming out of the speakers, the speakers could simply be muted.

  • Whilst still in the Playback tab, select the Properties button on the bottom right hand corner.
  • Navigate to the third tab Levels and unselect the red mute button on the hdmi speaker icon.

Remember to switch back the laptops speaker to default when you are no longer using the HDMI cable.


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    • WebsiteConfetti profile image

      Ness 3 years ago from Australia

      Its hard to say without knowing more specifics. The above instructions were for a pc.

      Do you know if the error occurred after you installed a new software or update?

    • profile image

      Katherine Hoeppel 3 years ago

      We have used the above and have had everything working. Now all of a sudden the mirror imaging will not work. It is not showing up on the display. What can we do?