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Some Google Tips

Updated on September 1, 2010

Google Search has a built-in system to retrieve the most relevant data to the queries we make. You almost don't need to specify more than a few keywords. Almost...

Sometimes you already know where to find some info, or the type of results you want to retrieve and you could go to its Advanced Search and narrow the options available.

What is nice about Google is that you can do advanced searches directly from the search box, just using some tags, options, reserved words, whatever you may call'em... :D

The way to use them is:

<search terms> <option>:<option-arguments>

Here goes a short list with those more useful options:

site - lists results only from the specified address.
Ex: lullaby songs
This example will get results with the words 'lullaby' and 'songs', found in all possible addresses under the site ''.

filetype - lists only results that have the specified extension.
Ex: origami tutorial filetype:pdf
This example will get only pdf files with the words 'origami' and 'tutorial' found in any place.

intitle - lists results that have the arguments in the page title
Ex: intitle:"weekend photos"

intext - - lists results that have the arguments in the page body
Ex: intext:"cake recipe"

inurl - lists results that have the arguments in the page address (URL)
Ex: inurl:"pub/sheets"

inanchor - lists results that have the arguments in links to other pages
Ex: inanchor: driver manual

The following is an example on how to find music files in the internet. Most file repositories like FTP shares are displayed in the web with a directory page titled "Index of".

intitle:"Index of" inurl:mp3

You can add the name of your favorite artist

Another common used search for music in the internet is this:

"Some singer" mp3

Change "Some singer" to some singer name and check the results.

Use it wisely!


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