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Some Reasons You Should Buy an iPhone Touch Instead of an iPhone

Updated on September 14, 2009

The iPhone touch has many of the features expected from the iPhone. However, it has one big advantage over the iPhone: you don’t need to pay for the monthly mobile fee from AT&T. In fact, there is a lot of situations in which an iPhone Touch may be more interesting than an iPhone. Here are some of them:

You have a cell phone contract with another company other than AT&T. Some people hate AT&T above everything else, and would not move to them even for the iPhone. These people may have several reasons for acting like this, such as the bad quality of AT&T coverage in their areas, or even customer service issues. No matter what the reason, customers should have a choice of what mobile company to use, and the iPhone gives little choice in this respect – you need to use AT&T. For people that don’t want to be tied to a single phone  company, it makes sense to have another mobile phone and use the iPhone Touch to get access to the nice features of the device.

 You like you current cell phone and doesn’t want to change. Many people feel that the iPhone is interesting and would like to have one for the additional features, but already own a mobile phone that they like. It might be that you are already using a smart phone, such as the blackberry or one based on Android. If that is the case, it makes little sense to switch to another cell phone. However, it may make sense to by a new mobile device that have access to the Apple store. In these cases, an iPod Touch may be the best choice, since you are keeping the cell phone that you really are comfortable with, while at the same time you get most of the features of the iPhone.

You like the iPhone, but there is no cell phone coverage on your area: if that is the case, and it is a possibility in several areas of the US, then it doesn’t make sense to have an iPhone. You will just pay a fixed amount of money per month for a service that you don’t really use. It is just like throwing money away. If that is the case, than you would do much better buying just an iPhone Touch, which provides 90% of an iPhone can do – and without paying the extra for mobile service.

You absolutely don’t want to pay for a data plan: this is another scenario that happens a lot. You might want an iPhone, but you hate the fact that the price of your cell phone bill will increase... In that case, the iPhone  Touch makes even more sense. If you have wireless at home, you can use the iPhone Touch in almost the same way as an iPhone. The wireless can be used to connect you to the web, without the need of cellular service. The iPhone Touch gives you access to the Apple store, with the same number of applications. Moreover, you can use it to replace you iPod, and related gadgets that you may already have. It looks like a perfect way to get most of the features of the iPhone without having to pay anything to AT&T.


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    • Soulnectar profile image

      Soulnectar 8 years ago from London

      It's true, I would opt for the ipod also, especially as the 3rd generation is out now, which has alot more memory as standard and a more powerful chipset...

      However my main reason for opting for the touch is because, being a heavy music production app user, (Infcat I only got a touch for the apps really) I really can't stand the thought of being in the middle of making a beat and the phone rings, possibly crashing the app and me losing everything I was in the middle of doing. (Which has happened toa few people)... That would be my main reason for opting for the touch really, short and simple, but if you want uninterrupted videos and apps, it's gotta be the touch