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Some basics of Windows mobile app development

Updated on April 19, 2013

It is a Windows mobile app development which is very near to the established programming for desktops than all other phones. The reason behind this is the most of the programs which are made for Windows mobile smart phones are same as desktops and programming tools are also same. For example in Visual Studio using the same programming tools a programmer can develop both desktop and phone programs. So let see how someone can be a developer of Windows based mobile phones.

First collect the newest edition of Visual Studio. Very easy and normal way to create drag and drop applications is provided by Visual Studio. A very negligible number of coding is needed in this process. By using Visual Studio a developer can create applications, debug and make it for release.

Windows software development kit or SDK is another important thing that is necessary for starting programs developing. Important APIs and resource files which are required are found in the SDK. The SDK provides lots of helps and supports to developers including sample applications and emulators which are used for testing and debugging with no actual phone is connected.

And if a developer wants to use emulator Active Sync will definitely need. Active Sync works as like an interface which usually helps to load developed application by using an emulator from Visual Studio. In windows vista Active Sync is given as built in mobile device center so vista users don’t have to download it whether Windows XP users have to download it from internet. Someone who is an expert in using Visual Studio can easily create a basic application which is a very easy process. You have to just select new project in the file menu to select Smart Device in the project type. Then you have to click smart device project which is on the right templates pane, now you have to select Device Application in the pop up Smart project window.

Functionality is needed all which can be added into the structure in design view and it can be made by dragging and dropping buttons as well as adding handlers. If the work is done then you have to click F5 to test either it is working or not in an emulator or device. That’s all what developers have to do. If any types of helps and supports are needed a developer may take the help of internet. Microsoft MSDN provides this helps and supports for the developers online and it is continuously giving service by providing many facilities like virtual labs, webcasts and video demos, blog and code samples. Obviously, those were only the basics of mobile app development. The apps that are launching in market everyday need to have more excellence and innovative ideas to develop. There two choices for a company if the company wants a strong application built. At first you have to find out someone who is an expert in the Microsoft mobile operating system. You have to know something like Phone 7 is taking the place of Windows Mobile 6.5 which is the last version of that series. For that reason you have to choose such a developer who can develop applications even though new updates are released by the company. There is another choice which is outsourced. A developer can develop any Windows app by using expert third party app developer. Those companies are special in developing custom apps and that give value to consumers of a business in using the apps in their Windows mobile phones. The apps will be specialized, efficient and simple for promoting or selling.


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