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The computerjnkman brings to you some Easy blog tips and tricks

Updated on October 25, 2011

Tips and Tricks that can Bring you money

The first of my blogging tips and tricks are...

Today marks the first day of a new set of blogging tips I am rolling out across the world wide web. By now, if you have read any of my writings, you know I am highly focused on teaching beginner bloggers how to blog. I try to do so by using easy to understand explanations of the rules and principals involved in successful blogging. The new group of tips I am planning on writing about are ways to use keywords and keyword suggestions to build chains of links with strong topic relation across several of your internet properties. It is a little involved. But if you can implement these blogging tips and tricks you will find the results can be quite pleasant.

How keywords can be used as a blogging trick.

Using Googles' Adword keyword tool, you can build a group of keyword topics that will all be related, but unique. It is a very important tip to remember. Bloggers and blogs become successful if they remain focused on Their primary topics, while, at the same time, offering your readers a wide array of articles that cover many different topics while remaining on point.

You can do this with Googles Adwords keyword tool.

How can this be a blogging tip or trick?
Well, most successful bloggers use tips and tricks similar to this. They may not use Googles tool. There are others out there. Some cost money, some don't. Personally I will take a slightly less convenient, but free tool over a still partially flawed tool that will cost me money. Its not a popular thing for me to say in front of my piers who sell these products, but I am only one man with an opinion. And it should not really affect them very much.

So, how do you go about building your keyword list with the Adwords tool, you may ask.

It goes like this

Say you have a blog, and your blog's number one, primary keyword is or your niche is, about coffee mugs. I know, not really a niche, it is pretty wide open but just go with me on this one.

Now, if you go to Google's tool and enter in your primary keyword or "coffee mugs" and click the only show closely related keyword suggestions, it will give you a list. And from this list, your first keyword you will want to choose will be a highly popular one. Something along the lines of: coffee mugs and cups, and with this, I want you to write a crazy long post about this new keyword, remembering to use the phrase and separate keywords regularly within the post. Remember, this has to be a doozy. You are trying to create a micro niche within your blog for this new keyword.

So, after you have this new post done, what is next?

You will want to take that new keyword, coffee cups and mugs, and re-enter it into the Google tool, this time, do not select the box that states to only list closely related terms. Now from this list, I want you to pull another keyword to write about on your blog. This one is a less popular, but also a less competitive term, one that you will have an easier time getting ranked in the search engine. Say something like "Designer coffee cup" And in this post, include a anchored keyword backlink back to your first post about coffee cups and mugs. You with me so far.

Now what is next?

Well, you have to build backlinks, using keywords in the same manner I just explained, slowly drilling deeper into the keywords and finding less and less popular terms that will be easier and easier to rank in Google for. Some of these links should come from article directories and others from web 2.0 properties. Always with the intention of driving traffic you pick up along the way, back to your primary blog. By using this easy blog tip, or trick, you will begin adding new traffic to your blog. which is something we all want to achieve.


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    • droj profile image

      droj 6 years ago from CNY

      Cool hub. You've reinforced what I've been trying to do with backlinks, but your stuff about keywords was interesting. I've used the keyword tool, but I'm still getting a handle on how to interpret its results. Thanks for the info!