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Hubpages has the best free software

Updated on January 13, 2011

Hubpages: simply the best place to write online..

I love HubPages.

Not only is it free, it's very easy to use, especially for those of us who enjoy writing on a wide range of subjects.

It is also well suited to beginners.

The free online software supplied works exceptionally well, automating many complex tasks by providing loadable capsules and widgets for links, photos or any other content.You can also make polls, text links or link to your other hubs without needing to be an expert. It's easy to forget we all found it hard understanding jargon at one time, so I find ease of use to be a major plus.

I write on many subjects, publish, then hubpages allows adsense to monetize my individual "hubs" or articles.

I try to research well and write useful educational hubs. You can count on someone here on HubPages adding more information in the comments box near the bottom of your hubpage when you allow comments too. This is often a nice way to find friends here who will offer help.

A comment can be accepted or rejected by yourself as moderator. You do not have to display any objectionable comments, all you do is deny them by pressing a button.

I have never had even one comment that I needed to block so far. Please feel free to be the first! Seriously though, this is a class place to write anything. Poetry, science, gardening, food, real estate, love, fiction, fact, how to articles, songs, anything at all. 

There is no better structure than HubPages to fast track your visitor numbers either. If you write a quality magazine style article on a subject that has a market, such as cameras or real estate, you will find that although the market is tough, you can get a lot of hits if you are competitive in your writing ability.

As a free site that can create long term income and lots of online friends around the world, hubpages is simply a very useful place to learn and earn.

Join HubPages now.

A screen capture of the Snapfiles site

The best of the best freeware sites and shareware sites on the Internet.
The best of the best freeware sites and shareware sites on the Internet.

The friendly lot here improve the Internet by contributing useful information and wonderful stories about any subject you can think of.

Much of the content or articles written here is the original thoughts of individuals who are creative, artistic and talented. HubPages has been able to foster a spirit of it's own good intentions in the community here, which Google certainly notices as a place for their algorithm to look when seeking good content.

HubPages also teaches how to get more visitors by concentrating on the quality of contents. A major criterion to help you sell ideas, products or services.

You get started in marketing your hubs by letting HubPages do most of it for you.

Content you write is given a score before you show it to any one or publish it allowing you to "polish" your article unseen, making your articles quality stand out on the net because you were able to play with it to increase it's "hubscore" before you publish it.

My hub Cars driven by compressed air is an example of a hub-page that consists of information from the web, but is not duplicate content. The articles pictures or videos are already on lots of sites and it is ok to have links to them. Press releases are available from the web.The article about the compressed air car has a lot of readers yet it was very easy do.

I had no pictures or videos that I had personally taken of such a car to support my discussion of it.

I simply write about my conclusions, opinions and viewpoint with links to sites I have referred to that are important to support the conclusions I have come to.

This is genuine unique content. I have no duplicate content on any of my hub so far.

If I do find any of my articles have duplicate content I will check that someone may have stolen my work. If they have I will track them down and ask their host to close their account and remove the duplicate content from the server. No Muck about.

(See hubpages help) for more information on duplicate content.

Learning and gaining knowledge that enable you to write high quality content for your page is something we all try to do

.Your first hub or your last hub your hubs are not likely to be deemed useless duplicate content if it contains new and unique information. That is all I have to say on duplicate content as HubPages covers it very well.

At another level it is fun to be seeing and having droll written conversations with a lot of interesting people. I like it more than any of the social bookmarking sites like facebook. It is just easier here to meet people who make very entertaining and useful hubs, and are easy going in general

There is a natural tendency towards decency and empathy that I find appealing on hubpages.

One of my fans comes to mind. She is a Mom with twins She has young twins and four kids altogether yet still manages to write top class hubs that I read a lot.

My daughter is a working mother of twins She has 5 children, 3 of them under 5 who are constantly on the go. She also owns and runs a full-time online business and is a smart modern person. She is doing it on her own as so many hard working mom's do.

I have no idea how my daughter or other mom's do what they do. Gutsy women. More power to them as they have the sort of courage that produces useful loving offspring to make the life-cycle work. They use power for good, not evil.

Like writing good articles.

So I go to my fans sites and read what they have had to say and if I wish to, I can say something about it for all to see and comment on.

So much diversity. HubPages is a wonderfully non-niche place to write while providing a group of lucky people a real chance to be heard in their niche.

Many Mums and Dads, hoping to make a few dollars online would be well advised to start here on hubpages.

They have an equal chance against all the worlds many talented and knowledgeable marketing people already established on the net.

Through the use of clever widgets that are easy to use we have a better chance of being read too.

I am learning more about hub-pages from other "hubbers" by reading what they have written, and from the comments they make on my and other's hubs.

For those not yet accomplished writers the comments alone works very well, and no special knowledge is needed, nor do you need to buy ebooks on the subject.

Best of all is the web2 side of it. What a wonderful place for all those wanting to get a taste of how web2 works without needing to even know what it is.

Hubpages is a free and simple introduction to modern Internet use in general so it also helps us to understand a bit more about making an extra income without spending a dime to get off the ground..

Be a bit patient with the many free tools here. If you were trying to set up tools like this yourself outside of hubpages it would be quite a lot more difficult.

For me it is taking a while to learn the use of all the marketing tools, as I have someone else do it for my other sites as once you are away from hubpages it is a lot more technical to control and track what you have done.

I find it hard to remember to do these things online:

  1. Filling out forms.
  2. social bookmarking sign ups.
  3. Membership site passwords and sign ups to other sites.
  4. Other user names.
  5. My user name!
  6. The names of my hubs.
  7. My friends hubs.


Flock goes with HubPages like the perfect add on for me. I forget, misplace or lose my many passwords logons, sign-ups, nick-names etc especially when I need to clean out my cache, or from computer failure etc.

Since flock I have no more trouble with that. If you do anything online this will do it better faster and you will be better organized.

No more need to find all the sign ups to my social pages.Flock signs me in to them and lets me put them on the front page in an expandable column on the left side of the page which can be opened and closed from a tiny toolbar that does a heap of other little jobs like keep a track of all your rss feeds, social bookmarks, YouTube etc..Finally!

I was getting better writing scores after three months on these hubs. I am a slow learner when it comes to online software and laying out pages, so I needed all the help I could get to make my hubs look reasonable, I feel many will do better than me in this area.

This doesn't scare me a bit now.  I am not good at making my hub sites shine in the dark, but with flock now bolted on, I can at least see and get what I need for collecting the research facilities in one place where I can find them, and not worry about forgetting passwords, hubs, sites etc. Much better. Thank you flock for building this slick model.

Because hubbers are helpers I am learning the bits that are hard for me. Good tool use is essential to good results, and good advice has allowed me to use the tools well.

For a writer hubpages is gold.

You can be read heard and seen by thousands if you write good articles that people read. Hubpages does the rest for you free.The built in social bookmarking site linking and the affiliate tracking are a good business model that works.

Hubpages is run by a small team who are really switched on to the needs of it's customers (you and me)

I believe that is why it attracts so many decent people who want to do marketing in a less aggressive but still effective way.

Everything humans do is marketing.

It helps a lot to have the lot in one place.

Other sites have some of the features of hubpages, but nobody has bolted anything together as well as hubpages has that I have seen, and I have been surfing since the net started.

Hubpages has all the important social bookmarking, tracking links and resources to get back links, including comments from fellow hubbers that help you to make quality backlinks needed to get listed near the top in Google searches, and most people want Google backlinks as they are essential to success with the worlds biggest..

All you need to do to be seen is to be good at what you do. Fair isn't it? The rest is all done for you free.

It is easy to learn with all the other help provided here.

Write good articles on hupages instead of being invisible to Google.

It is necessary to have your hubs read by those who come to these hubs regularly.

You must also get some traffic or visitors from outside hubs seeing your writing to be noticed by anyone looking on Google either through hubpages google link or by letting all the other search engines find you somehow.

People who write here are really nice interesting and varied. Most are very helpful.

The team at hubpages are focused squarely on my need and yours,

They get it.

They understand a lot about their customers needs then fulfil those needs very well indeed.

For a good writer who is non the less not ppc and seo educated, or savvy to the language of seo driven organic search placement, this is one place where you can start without any knowledge for free and continue to grow your understanding of what it takes to make some net money

To replace a full time job or a years income will take a lot of time regardless but it is much easier to do it here than on other sites.

To get visitors you need first to build a good presence on the Internet by writing stuff people enjoy reading and then learn how to drive spending customers to the adds on your pages. Hubpages gives you a score for your writing even before others can see it. This provides a wonderful way to check on the quality of your writing before you publish it. Publishing is done with just one mouse click.

It takes a lot of work to be successful at anything, but as you will learn if you don't already know, you learn best hands on.

When you first start writing you will need to.make a small income for some time so that your mistakes are not too expensive, you can work harder on the Internet to get a full income but it is not easy. In fact is as tough a business as you will find.anywhere offline..

Smarties find market niches and make money from them but they rarely succeed long term without a good reputation. You can gain that right here.

Some people make money from selling crappy software purported to help you to make sales.Don't buy any of it until you are an expert here.

It is all in the marketing, and there are too many people who have never made a single peso from the net giving advice on how to make money on the net or selling software that is supposed to do it all.No need to bother with any of it.

Attracting visitors to your hubpages is easy because of the quality of the hubs and Google loves hubpages already, so if you write well, Google will find you.

Encouraging others to join.

Everyone has something on their mind, even if it's water on the brain!

If you encourage others to join hubpages from your hubpage link, ( you can learn how to do this in a minute) they will see for themselves what it is like and be pleased with the outcome.

Get visitor to your hub where they can read your articles and maybe even buy from one of the ads placed on your page automatically that is if you choose to have ads on your hub. You can move ads around on your hub too.

The ads will provide a small amount of money providing you with income however tiny at first.

If you keep writing good quality articles you will become one of the few who make money online. Forget the get rich quick lot, they are blood suckers and liars. I do make money online, but naturally keep the method and skills to myself. You will never learn all the skills needed to get rich quick online and that is the truth. One in millions do and so those are the odds. The only way I know to shorten those odds is with hard earned knowledge that is no more likely to be shared than my bank account number.

This is a warm audience with classy software that is free to use and light years ahead in it's integration and use of web2 and web2 widgets. to give you all the information you need right on the one page.

You can earn an honest peso or Yuan or dollar by being who you are. You will be accepted by visitors who found what you wrote interesting enough to stay and read it right through.

If you can write well and know what people want to read about, you will go far with the help you will find on hubs.

If you are new to hubpages, well I am too, but I have already had 7,600 visitors.

I am not new to software though. I have many programs (I mean hundred) outside of Bill Gates's long list of Microsoft products on my hard drives some that I use seldom, but many I use daily. Most of the software I use outside the free software provided here on hubpages is freeware from snapfiles.

We all want our articles seen by someone. Hits matter.

We all need visitors to our hubs, the more the better.

I wish to state categorically that the people who run hubpages should all take a big long bow. we have great software to use and we should appreciate the amount of work that goes in to a project that produces such a finely tuned unobtrusive platform to write from.

I struggled keeping up with web2 until social bookmarking sites got better and did it for me.Hubpages takes it to a new level.

I also have Web2 on my new phone. I Am learning how to use it and it is amazing what a telephone has become.

It does not smoke or drink as far as I can see, nor does it pass any nasty fluids, but I think it can do everything else I can.

Holly mackerel ( or your choice of fish) It washed the dishes yesterday I think, as I know darn well sure I never went near them, and it took hidden footage of me with full sound that I do not necessarily want sent all round the world in a few seconds, so we are negotiating. This is web2? Wow.

I got my first computer before wee willy Gates got his dos asterous dos 1.1 sold.

His (would you like wheels with that sir?) style of marketing always got my goat but I have stuck with Bill cos I had to.

No matter what platform I sat windows on it was a better fit than other software partly because Bill Gates stuff worked as a parcel and if you tried to use other software it was not always compatible.

Until utube facebook digg flickr twitter and all the rest of them made social bookmarking sites easy, most software parcels were not very useful as marketing tools at all.

I want to plug a freeware site if you have a minute. I have no financial interest this is just for some who may not know a great software website that has been around a zillion years.

Even if you have been surfing for years you may still have missed it, as the net is a big place and this is a site known mostly by many geeks.

It can give you the edge you need in marketing not just with marketing tools, but better platforms, productivity tools and the like and other bacon savin devices.

Duplicate contents.

How do you stop your contents from being stolen. If someone swipes, scrapes or steals your contents, it is often you, the original owner who gets flagged for duplicate contents. You may wish to download this completely free tool which deals with duplicate content. Dupefree Pro.

Easy way to get quality freeware

Finding what you want.

All this is laid out in easy to use categories with a huge range from every type of software you can imagine. They sell shareware too, but put it in a separate directory of it's own and once again quality control is excellent.

Maybe half the software I use I got free from snap-files not because it is free but because it is superior to paid software I have tried from people as big as Bill Gate's little mob Microsoft! If there is a new way to do something snap-files will have it first or will have tested it.

If you need to find your lost passwords "Cain" is the strongest most intrusive password cracker around. It is marvelous and free at snap-files) the best virus or spy-ware fixing software (AVG 8 and dozens of others,) spy-ware registry disc or file organization, web-tools, marketing and online tools, great assortment of graphics programs, web author tools, web development, email tools, web browsers and browsing tools, system repairs etc etc they have the lot.

They do not need me to pimp their software for them and I have no connection other than to be a fan and a user of their wares for many years.

It was a computer engineer who put me on to the site when it was named web-attack, a name that was trusted just like snap-files is today.

I do hope this helps others to stop chasing all over the net only to find very little that works properly. If you are interested in a faster learning curve about computers a freeware site can take a lot of shortcuts for you. I know this from personal experience and first hand knowledge by still having and using a lot of their freeware today, and any updates, they let you know if you need it. I use it often as it is not an intrusive thing, they just notify on the categories page which is their front page. Smart. Efficient.

Simply the best choice for freeware: SnapFiles

Webattack used to be the difinitive site for freeware. It still is, except it is now named SnapFiles and is better than ever.

Did you know about snapfiles freeware?

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    • earnestshub profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Melbourne Australia

      Thanks you Tisha, I'm pleased you found it interesting.

    • Tisha Smith profile image

      Tisha Smith 

      8 years ago

      You have an interesting hub! Thanks for this wonderful info.

    • earnestshub profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Melbourne Australia

      You are most welcome Wealthmadehealthy. It is a great resource even for software to do jobs we have never heard of!

    • Wealthmadehealthy profile image


      8 years ago from Somewhere in the Lone Star State

      What a great hub! Thanks for the info on snapfiles!!

      Have a blessed day!!

    • earnestshub profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Melbourne Australia

      Agreed GeneriqueMedia. Some of the software writers at snapfiles have created some excellent closed source software as well.

    • GeneriqueMedia profile image


      8 years ago from Earth

      I'm a huge fan of open source software, but I'll admit--there are some programs that a programmer, or small group (or firm) of people release that is still closed source and way worth it to use.

    • earnestshub profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Melbourne Australia

      You're most welcome brethodge!

    • brethodge profile image


      8 years ago from USA

      Hey, very cool information.. thanks for sharing this with the hubbers.. loved to read... :)

    • earnestshub profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Melbourne Australia

      Antecessor, I am learning to hate facebook! You can have a lot more fun here. :)

    • earnestshub profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Melbourne Australia

      Antecessor, I am learning to hate facebook! You can have a lot more fun here. :)

    • Antecessor profile image


      8 years ago from Australia

      "At another level it is fun to be seeing and having droll written conversations with a lot of interesting people. I like it more than any of the social bookmarking sites like facebook." That is part of what attracts me to hubpages. I PERSONALLY dislike facebook (though many people would disagree with me) I much prefer sites like this.

      A really good place to get free software is MSDN which contains free software programming tools, my fav is small basic.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      yup - too true. Here's more info about <a href=" research</a>

    • earnestshub profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from Melbourne Australia

      That drives me nuts! Snapfiles does not run this sort of software which I refer to as crippleware.

    • agvulpes profile image


      9 years ago from Australia

      earnestshub, some great advice on free software but let buyer beware. Some socalled free software is only free for a trial period and then you have to pay a fee?


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