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Sony Dolby Digital Car Audio Amplifier Review

Updated on March 16, 2011

After looking at the overview and types of Sony Amplifiers in our previous hubs, we are going to look at the Sony Dolby Digital Audio and why you should go for it. When buying Dolby Digital Audio one needs to know the features and what types of Dolby digital Audio to go for. Below are some features of the Sony Dolby that you need to consider

Features of Dolby Digital Amplifier

·         It is a very stylish  and good looking Amplifier from Sony

·         It is a slim Amplifier with a subwoofer and micro satellite speakers

·         Sony Dolby Audio has the ability to convert Nicam TV/VCR/DVD to full Pro Logic. 25w x 2 stereo power and 25w x 5 surround power

·         Dolby Audio is Acoustically loaded bass reflex active subwoofer

·         It has a loud speaker

·         Dolby Audio has got 5 Amplifiers

·         It has got RMS Wattage of 25

·         The Width in mm 430 mm

·         Comes with a remote control to aid its usage

·         Can connect to your Desktop Monitor speakers

·         Has got tones of bass and Crisp treble

·         Adjustable settings and controls that helps you navigate the Dolby Sony Audio. The Bass, Treble & Volume can be easily adjusted from the Amplifier’s  face

·         Has got surround out put option and you can select from front speakers, rear speakers, centre speakers

·         Volume can be adjustable using your remote control

·         Has got wide soundstage

·         Dolby Digital is a reliable Amplifier

·         Dolby digital Audio is an extremely smooth sounding component for  Hi-Fi

·         Some Dolby Audio are wireless

Some disadvantages of Sony Dolby Digital Audio

·         Some are quite expensive

·         Second hand has got no installation instruction and you ay not be able to connect if you do not have knowledge on how to do connection


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