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Sony Ericsson W580i Review

Updated on April 27, 2008

W580i Style White

W580i Style White - Source: GSM Arena
W580i Style White - Source: GSM Arena

Sony Ericsson W580i Review - The Look

Thinking of buying a Sony Ericsson W580i? I did and I'm going to give you a little bit background on this phone including what I believe to be good and bad about it.

This phone was announced in March 2007 and was released to the public in July 2007. It is a part of the Sony Ericsson Walkman Series, and I must admit, the W-series is full of some very good looking phones. Oh, and just so we're clear, this is a slide phone.

Most people would probably know this phone as the mobile with an MP3 player that can shuffle tracks just by shaking the phone itself. Pretty cool, huh? But don't be all too fooled about this function, it works but after a while, do you really think you'll be using it everyday?

Everybody loves a little colour, right? Well, the W580i comes in 4 different colours. They include: Urban Grey, Metro Pink, Style White and of course, Boulevard Black. Personally, I own a W580i in Urban Grey.

W580i Urban Grey

W580i Urban Grey (Source:
W580i Urban Grey (Source:

Sony Ericsson W580i Review - Key Features

Now, you're probably wondering, how big is it? Does it have bluetooth? What does the phone come with? Well, your questions will be answered right now.

First of all, the measurements. I'm going to give these to you in millimetres because I'm nasty. Length-wise, the W580i is 99mm. When you slide it open, obviously the length is a different story. When open, it grows to approximately 130mm. It's width is about 47mm and it's thickness, 14mm. A nice slim and sleek design that will easily fit in your pocket.

The W580i weighs 94g and has a 2 inch display screen. It has many wallpapers and screensavers to choose from, all which are very cool. When it comes to ringtones, it can handle Polyphonic, MP3 and AAC. Oh, and if you don't like the ringtones it comes with, you can download music files onto it and use them instead or you can even make your own ringtones! By the way, this phone does have the vibrate function.

Before I go any further, let me tell you what you will receive with the phone if you buy it from a retail outlet. The Sony Ericsson W580i comes with:

The W580i (obviously)

A Wall Charger

Head Phones (Genuine Sony Ericsson Walkman Series)




USB Cable

A Few Flyers & Such

SAR Info (Specific Absorption Rate)

A Sim Card (more than likely)

And if you're lucky, Bonus Speakers (I got some as part of a promo - Genuine Sony Ericsson Speakers)

So when it comes to what you get, it's worth it.

Ah, the memories... Oh, yes, the phones memory! It can hold 1000 contacts, 30 received, dialled and missed calls, and from what I've been told, on a 512MB card (which is included in the phone package itself), the W580i can hold up to 100 MP3s! I'm pretty sure 12MB of the 512MB is shared memory - sharing is caring, right? As for the data type bits, the phone comes with bluetooth (v2.0) and USB (v2.0). It does not come with Infrared.

The Sony Ericsson W580i is capable of sending and receiving SMS, EMS, MMS and Email. It is possible to download games onto this phone too.

Now, here's the real fun stuff. In the entertainment section of this phone, you will find: 2MP camera, TrackID Music Recognition, Walkman 2.0 Music Player, Java 2.0, FM Radio, Organiser and, believe it or not, a Pedometer/Calories Counter (yes, you heard me correctly).

I find that battery life in phones is very important. Before this phone, I use to have a mobile that would die after every phone call (after, if lucky). It would constantly be on charge! Well, you won't have to worry about that with this little beauty. It's battery is a Lithium and lasts up to 370hrs on stand-by and up to 9hrs talk time! That's a lot of talking!

W580i Metro Pink

W580i Metro Pink
W580i Metro Pink

Sony Ericsson W580i Review - The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

I'll keep this part short and sweet.

The Good

It's an attractive looking phone

Easy to use

Easy to find things

MP3 Player

Battery Life

USB port


There isn't really anything all too bad with this phone, it's almost certainly perfect.

The Bad

No built-in flash for the camera

Photo quality could be better

It's not 3G

Depending on who you are, buttons may be difficult to press (I advise you go to a shop front and handle the phone for a test)

The Ugly

Haven't found anything ugly about it yet!

I'll add to these later if need be.

W580i Boulevard Black

W580i Boulevard Black
W580i Boulevard Black

Sony Ericsson W580i - All Fun & Games

I guess I better tell you exactly what kind of games come with this phone and all the little features that will make your friends jealous.

Let's start with games. Keep in mind, a mobile phone is not a Playstation. The Sony Ericsson W580i comes with 2 games, and they are: Lumines Block Challenge & The Sims 2. Lumines Block Challenge is kind of like Tetris, only more extreme. As for The Sims 2, well, I'm sure everyone knows what that is, but in case you don't, it's a life simulation games - lots of fun.

But the fun doesn't stop at the games! No no! You can listen to the Radio, mix up some photos with the PhotoDJ, make some music with the MusicDJ, record sound, watch a video, identify that song you know but you don't know with the TrackID, even mix up some videos with the VideoDJ! Oh, and I almost forgot to mention, you can even surf the net! That's hours of fun on one little phone! No wonder they made the battery to last!

So get out there, get yourself a Sony Ericsson W580i and have fun with it - I do! If you're after any other info on this phone or others, check out the links below! Also, if you are looking for a particular mobile phone review, you can let me know and I will write one up for you.


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    • profile image

      Jahongir 3 years ago

      That hits the target dead ceentr! Great answer!

    • CheapMobilePhones profile image

      CheapMobilePhones 7 years ago from UK

      Sony Ericsson struck frequently

    • profile image

      jtwr 7 years ago

      I've had this phone for two years, right now al the keys on the keyboard are broken except for the 0 and 9. I haven't had any problems with the screen. Every time I turn it on and I get text message I have to wait about three minutes until I can open it. Five minutes after I turn it on, it starts working properly again. Mobile internet is very bad, I can only reach pages through google. When I enter the url myself the page just won't load.

      I wouldn't recommend this phone except for the people who only use it to call or text or listen to music and use bluetooth. The other functions are pretty crappy.

    • profile image

      Steve 7 years ago

      Not a durable phone. The screen died after about a year of light use and the software updates did not reactivate it. Sony Ericson also seem to charge for their phone helpline. With so many other brands to work though I will never buy any other Sony Ericson phone.

    • profile image

      sony ericsson user 7 years ago

      I personally think that this is a spectacular phone! Even though this is my first phone ever so I don't have any other ones to compare this to, I was very pleased with all the functions! The daily step counter is very cool and I love all the fitness stuff! The sound is bad quality when you turn it really low tho, but the predictive txting is smart and I think the buttons are sometimes ezier and faster to use than phones with a full keyboard because all the keys are closey snugg to each other so its easier and faster to hit all the keys. And I am a person who drops their phone quite a bit, but its very durable! I've had this phone for a little over 2 years now and everything is pretty much perfect! exept my space button doesn't respond every time i press it now which is a HUGE bummer because every txter needs their space button! so now I use the side, but I have to press that twice instead of once for it to space.... Overall, pretty durable and I am very satisfied with my first phone! Very lovely!

    • profile image

      HUGO 7 years ago


    • profile image

      Sarah 7 years ago

      Pros:awseoome camera, holds a good amount of texts, cool featuress, very easy to personalize, attractive looking, excellent battery life, nice call quality

      Cons:nawt durable, small keyboard&bad for texting, buttons crack easy, can be a complicated phone to get used to, the music and mobile browsing button get in the way all the time

      Bottom line: don't buy it. woorst phone ever , i've had it since December 2008 and because I've had so many problems withh itt At&t is giving me a better phone even though my contract isn't up .

    • profile image

      Janine 8 years ago

      This phone is a beast, I've had it for 2 years, dropped it tons, the screen only cracked a little but no distortion AT ALL. It is pretty dang durable, GREAT battery life, I don't charge it for about 5 days and its just fine. The pictures are also pretty great for a phone. And the earphones that come with it are excellent as well, I used them with my ipod for about 2 years, and you can listen to the music as loud as you want and no one else hears ANYHTING! I would definetly recommend this phone it is a warrior, and trust me we have ceramic tile floors (dropped there tons plus I'm always throwing it around. and on the concret? you bet.) This phone is a beast!

    • profile image

      Vishal 8 years ago

      Man I have This phone for 3 months got it as a bithday gift its so cool it has too many features awesome best phone recommend it!

    • profile image

      Rosalyn 8 years ago

      I love my phone but unfortunately it is in for repair for the second time, under warranty thank goodness but only just. I have never been able to close the back completely since purchase, the screen went blank the first repair and now it just died whilst using it, will miss her ....

    • profile image

      sam 8 years ago

      Worst phone ever! got it in december of 08 for x-mas and in two weeks the two buttons on either side of the circular button the the front broke and i had texting and within a month all the numbers cracked in half. Then by august of 09 the screen was going out and was discolored and had glitch lines all over it and saturday the screen turned all white and flashing on me, I will never get this phone again the only good thing i can say is call quality was nice and so was the coverage other than that it blew

    • profile image

      Izzy 8 years ago

      It sucks big time! My buttons have come off, they are hard to press and my screen is now black...I did not drop it or soak it; just normal usage. I want to let everyone know that it is not what it seems to be and if you do a little more research you will find that others think the same way as I do.

    • profile image

      matthew 8 years ago

      i have one and i think they are a very nice phone

    • profile image

      Adam 8 years ago

      thx hub this has been really helpfull i think i want to get it for christmas... but how much does it cost?

    • profile image

      Adam 8 years ago

      thx hub this has been really helpfull i think i want to get it for christmas... but how much does it cost?

    • profile image

      fariya 8 years ago

      is the sound quality good

    • profile image

      Kalona1982 8 years ago

      I've had this phone since March 2007. I cannot say anything bad about it. This phone went with me to San Francisco when I had to have eye surgery. It goes to work with me every day. The only thing that happened was, the back function key came loose. I put a little super glue on it, and voila, like new. Nothing else has gone wrong with it. It's really a tough little phone, lots of fun, small enough to fit into anything, and I highly recommend it. I bought a W750 to replace it a few months ago, but I ended up switching back to the 580, Granted, now two years later it doesn't have 'intelligence' beyond what it's makers gave it, so you might be missing a few things that bigger newer phones have. But it's faithful, loyal, and strong, and has been a good companion to me.

    • profile image

      myself 8 years ago

      I've had this phone for 1 year and 3 months, in march this year i had to send it away because all the pixels went on it and now - 3 months later the sound doesn't work at all!!

      I personally wouldn't advise anyone to buy this phone.

      I loved this phone, it had everything i wanted in a phone but just stopped functioning properly, so i'm now looking to buy a reliable phone with all the same functions.

    • profile image

      noob 9 years ago

      that phones shit all sony ericsons are crap also

    • britneydavidson profile image

      britneydavidson 9 years ago from united kingdom

      nice hub really informative...great job done...if you want to check latest sony ericssion xperia then check it out here....


    • profile image

      Georgie 9 years ago

      Thanks this was extremeley helpful. I was thinking on buying one, This has helped me make my desicion.

    • profile image

      Cloudy 9 years ago

      Im getting this phone for Christmas

      The shop also have it in red i was wondering what color i should get pink or red?

    • profile image

      Cloudy 9 years ago

      Im getting this phone for Christmas

      The shop also have it in red i was wondering what color i should get pink or red?

    • profile image

      me 9 years ago

      im getting it 4 xmas lol

    • profile image

      sophia 9 years ago

      i thnk iz fone is spendis i want it from the bevca shop in barcelona.

      i difn s dhsgg ids ngpnsf dshhg kshyrrf fdtj bjkhd bjkhf bjs barcelona


    • profile image

      chloe 9 years ago

      i think this phone is wicked i am havin it for xmas i think it is cool and tey have have got it in wicked colours now.....

      from chloexxx

    • profile image

      fred 9 years ago

      the phone also comes in green and red now.

    • profile image

      fred 9 years ago

      I have the phone in black and orange, two of my favorite colors. If i would have known there was a grey and blue one i probobaly wouldve gotten it, they should let you mix-n-match colors you want. id get black blue and orange. anyways, i love this phone all around, its great.

    • profile image

      Emily 9 years ago

      I want to get it for my bithday!! But don't they have a green one, cause thats the one I want to get?

    • profile image

      cool 9 years ago

      im going to get it for christmas

    • profile image

      phyllis dotson 9 years ago

      sonyericsson w 580 i metro pink


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