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Sound Card Driver Update

Updated on June 21, 2010
Without the proper Sound Card Driver you may have no sound!
Without the proper Sound Card Driver you may have no sound!

Why Update Sound Card Driver?

When you buy a new computer it comes preloaded with necessary drivers for proper functionality of all of your computers hardware devices.  These tend to work well for the most part but after some time passes you may begin to have problems with your sound output.  Perhaps you are not receiving sound in certain applications or sound distortion or even sound errors resulting in crashing and/or locking up with a blue screen error.

 All of these problems and more are typically resolved with a simple sound card driver update.  I say simple but as you may have discovered that is not always the case.  The average user does not have the time or knowledge to manually update their sound card driver.  The good news is that there is powerful software that will automatically update your sound card drivers as well as many other necessary drivers on your system.

Finding Sound Card Driver Updates

Not too long ago, the only way to keep your sound card driver updated was to manually locate and install the drivers. Even for the tech savvy, this was not always and easy task. Ideally you knew the manufacturer and model of your sound card before you started your search. Even then, finding the proper driver on the manufacturer site was a lesson in patience. Not to mention the driver may not even be there!

The fact is, these manufacturers don’t want to make it too easy. They would much prefer you buy a new sound card to fatten their wallets. Visiting their sites you will undoubtedly be hammered with advertisements and confusing site navigation.

You might try a Google search for your driver but this isn’t always a safe option. Believe it or not, many websites may claim to have drivers but what you get may be a virus or spyware causing even further damage to your system.

Thankfully the guys at DriversHQ have created the powerful, safe and simple to use automatic driver update tool called Driver Detective.

Instant Sound Card Driver Updates

I know when I have a problem with my computer, I want it fixed as soon as possible! I don’t want to spend hours searching for the solution. I don’t want to risk my computers security downloading random files from websites hoping for a fix. That is why I use and recommend Driver Detective.

This powerful software will scan your computer to identify each and every hardware device. It can then match these devices to the proper drivers in it’s database. These drivers may then be downloaded and installed in minutes with just a few mouse clicks. Drivers provided by Driver Detective are pre-scanned to be 100% clean of any virus or spyware intrusion. So users can rest assured that they are getting clean and up to date drivers for their computer system. This will in turn improve the computers performance and stability.

So if you want to save yourself time and frustration, try a free scan to see the power of Driver Detective first hand.

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    • pcdriverdoctor profile image

      pcdriverdoctor 8 years ago

      Great hub. Good information.