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Speck CandyShell iPad Case - Hard Shell with Soft Touch and Flip Door for iPad Dock

Updated on March 31, 2011

Excitement over the iPad 2 is strong. Have you got your iPad 2 yet? It is so great that so many people are waiting in line to accept your hand-me-down first generation iPad. Who was the lucky recipient of your first generation iPad - your spouse, son or daughter?

Even if you decide that you need both for yourself - chances are the case in use since the beginning is getting a bit worn by now. There are plenty of reasons to dress up an iPad with a new case. Even if the bank account is running a little thin after making another iPad investment, it is possible to find a great first generation iPad case at a reasonable price. One such case is the Speck iPad CandyShell Case. It is a hard case but it has a soft touch.

 My husband has a Speck CandyShell Case on his iPhone. It is really nice looking and it is very protective. Before buying this case his iPhone took a few drops that could have been disastrous but he was lucky each time. Since popping his iPhone into the Speck CandyShell Case, dropping is not much of an issue. The surface of the CandyShell is shiny and looks like a hard shell. It does not look or feel like silicone but it does have a slight tacky feel that makes it non-slip. I did not say sticky so please do not get the wrong idea. Nothing rubs off on your hands and it still smoothly slides into a pocket, bag or holster just fine.

After removing the Speck iPad CandyShell Case from the packaging your will notice that there are two different materials that work together to protect your iPad. Each surface works in a different way. The first thing you will notice is the combination of two colors (see the photo below).

The outer surface of the CandyShell is typically a darker color while the inside of the CandyShell is typically a lighter color. The inside color is repeated at each corner and on the button covers. My husband’s CandyShell case is black and gray. My mother-in-law has one that is purple and pink. I like the looks of both – although I am a bit partial to the purple and pink one.

The overall shape of the CandyShell case is softly rounded. There are no sharp edges and there are no seams. Unlike most other cases that leave all buttons and the charging port uncovered - the Speck CandyShell case has functional covers over the buttons and the charging port. Before you balk at this feature let me continue.

The Speck CandyShell case covers the buttons around the edges of the iPad with the same soft rubbery material found inside the case and that is inserted at each corner. The iPad’s buttons remain functional – you may have to press a little harder – but not by much. The charging port was always at risk of getting dirty until the Speck CandyShell Case solved this problem. You never have to remove the CandyShell case while charging because the small door on the backside covers (stays connected) the port until you need to charge your iPad. Whether you use a charging cable or an Apple Charging Cradle to renew power to your iPad the door on the back of the CandyShell case flips open to allow access.  

The Speck CandyShell iPad Case only covers the iPad’s backside.  A screen protector can be added if you wish (purchased separately). The entire case has a softly rounded look. The rubbery material that lines the case continues just past the top edges of the CandyShell. It provides both protection and design. The sides of the CandyShell are rounded and there are no seams so the overall look is clean.


To install your iPad into the Speck CandyShell iPad Case you need to take a little care. Due to the button covers you cannot simply push the iPad into the case – you need to ease it in. Once the iPad has been inserted into the case, the iPad is surrounded by a fairly soft rubber material. The top edge of the CandyShell’s liner rises just past the edges of the iPad. This provides some protection to the iPad Touchscreen – even if it lands screen down and there are no sharp objects involved. If the iPad is dropped and it gets a glancing blow on one of the corners the CandyShell helps to protect the iPad. I would not say that the iPad bounces – but it will at least have a fighting chance against disastrous damage. Of course, it is preferable that you do not drop your iPad does not get dropped – but hey – things happen.  Being prepared is your best defense.


My attraction to iPad cases almost rivals my attraction to purses and bags. I am constantly on the look-out for the perfect shape, color and style. I want a case that is easy to operate when I am on the go. I want a case that is super protective and I want a case that expresses my personality. Since the iPad 2 has made its appearance – the first generation cases have become more affordable. Now we can have more than one!

Speck also makes cases for iPad 2.



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