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Spinning Fancy Yarns for Weaving.

Updated on February 9, 2013
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A qualified Textile Post Diploma Graduate and Ex.M D of a Textile Mill.

Spinning Fancy Yarn.

Fancy Yarns on Spinning Machines.

The yarn spun on Ring Spinning Machines are not the Yarn that is used by women for hand knitting and for various other uses such as scarf,head dress,socks and baby garments.

The yarn is used in high speed weaving.

It all started with yarn defect becoming a fancy yarn.The Slub Yarn is actually a defect in the yarn and is a place in the thread that comes out during spinning in twisted not as per specifications.This id a very small Lump of fibers bunched and formed due to worn out part of a machine in drafting or worn out part of a gear wheel such defects get predominant after dying and looks patchy and ugly.

May be some smart sales guy sold it as a fancy fabric and it hit the market left right and center.Suddenly spinners took this oppertunity and invented a system in the machine so as to manufacture this defective yarn as fancy yarn though it was perfected to be technologically a pure invention.

Few other spinners saw the opportunity to make use of this and started to dye the cotton and feed it to the pre spinning machines in various ways and obtained fancy yarns.

Few Dye House Managers dyed the cotton and gave it to spinners to spin coloured yarns and these yarns with high twist in single and double was another fancy yarn

The Doublers did not lag behind they doubled two or 3 or more colors and told weavers to weave the fabric.This was another Fancy Yarn.

The Weavers said ha ha and went on using various colours in warp and weft in the cloth and made stripes of unimaginable shades and took home bigger pay packets.

The Fabric Dyers said uuf uuf and started dying the fabric in mixed colours and in Silk it was ha huge hit and so the fabric itself turned fancy,

Further the Twisting of Yarn in single and multi threads formed another craze and another technology.

Than came Man Made Fibers and today we have fabrics that are pure inventions with the type of Technology in Textiles in Spinning,Weaving and Knitting a Fashion Design and also a Designer Apparel to show the ready made fashions.


Click on the link below to see Fancy Yarn Making Machines if it does't work copy and Paste in your Browser Window.


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