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Why Squarespace Templates are better for Business and Photographers

Updated on February 13, 2013

What's Squarespace 6?

Squarespace is a great CMS (Content management System) that allows you to create stunning and beautiful websites in no time.

The main advantage of Squarespace, from my point of view, is integration.

Instead of dealing with different technical stuff like domain names, hosting services, Wordpress or plugins and installations via FTP, Squarespace allows you to create multiple websites under its own platform, and they'll take care of the rest.

You just need to create a user and you're good to go. Don't worry about the rest. You can now focus on your design and content.

But I'm not here to talk about that exactly. If you've followed me since I started posting on Hubpages, you'll know the reason I don't post here that much, is because I decided to create my own blog (which you can see on my profile).

There, I did a great review about Squarespace 6 new platform and the FABs (features, Advantages, Benefits) of it.

Let's talk about why is Squarespace a great platform for Bloggers, Business and Photographers.

Squarespace is great for Business and Portfolios
Squarespace is great for Business and Portfolios

Why Photographers, Business and Bloggers?

When you think about website builders, it's impossible to think that one service will filt for all your purposes. Some builders are great for e-commerce sites, for example. Some others are better for blogs, Magazines or News sites.

The thing is, that there are some great things that you could use from Squarespace 6, that you won't find in other CMS, and that's fine. However, Wordpress is very versatile platform (Squarespace vs Wordpress Analysis) and you'll probably find anything you need to create your website there.

The problem is sometimes you don't have the time/money/patience/coding skills to achieve that. Especially if you're a writer, photographer or just a business owner, there are little probabilities you understand about coding. Perhaps you've never heard about hosting and domain names, and that sucks because it makes you think building the right website is almost imposible without paying hundreds or thousands of dollars for a programmer.

Here's where Squarespace differs from the competition:

  • Simple and very intuitive interface: If you know how to read (yeah, some people seem to get blind when trying to do something important) Squarespace 6 will be like opening Microsoft Word. That simple.
  • Integration: As I've said before, with Squarespace 6 you have everything you need to create a website, in the same place. that's great because you don't have to deal with different accounts, payments and technical stuff. Everything just works, and you'll use 1 user account only.

Create wonderful websites with Squarespace 6
Create wonderful websites with Squarespace 6

Great for Photographers and Portfolios

Additionally to the 2 main benefits you have as a business owner or blogger, there's one great advantage for Photographers or people looking to create a Portfolio.

Those advantages are:

  • Great Gallery features: you can setup sliders, auto reproductions, resize images and more automatically and create Thumbnails in an easy way
  • Pinterest-like templates: Squarespace offers a lot of templates for Photographers, and some of them even look like Pinterest if you're looking for those.
  • Mobile Responsiveness: Which means no matter whether you're watching your website from your Macbook, PC, iPad or Smartphone, your website will look great and the pictures are automatically resized so you don't have to load a big size image in a small device.
  • You can manage your website from an App (Android or iOS) on the go

So, as you can see, those are especial benefits that you won't find in other CMS unless you modify or get the right plugins, but in Squarespace, they're already integrated on the User Interface.

Great look no matter where you're watching it
Great look no matter where you're watching it


If you're a Photographer, Business Owner or even a blogger and you have no technical skills or simply don't want to mess up with different accounts, code and more, then Squarespace is your option.

As you can see, I'm definitely not trying to sell this service or including a lot of affiliate links on the post whatsoever.

But if you want to try it you can START HERE.

They have a really nice 14 day free trial so you can test everything and then decide if you like it or not (no credit card required).

Until the next time!

Keep safe.


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      how much is it success rate