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About stack overflow dot com - programmers heaven

Updated on November 9, 2011

Stack Overflow is really a great service for programmers in every field. You are free to conclude it as programmers heaven on the basis of these points,

  • Simple to use but professional interface,
  • Runs smoothly 24 hours except when it crosses the mark of critical traffic (Means it's Stack of serving people Overflows)
  • Easy navigation with Fast responses (Web pages Opens Fast),
  • Have a large community which participate on their own Interests without staff interference,
  • Reputation/Ranking scheme with different types of awards,badges and further extensions up to the positions of Editors or nearly administrative works,

What are my benefits on using that site?

There is not a large list of benefits that I found but you can expect a fast help from that site in just a few minutes (My experience) whether U were new or old (It doesn't matter).Your benefits of using 'Stack Overflow' are listed below:

  • You can ask questions related to any field, level in programming starting from core like assembly,c++ etc. to lightest level like 'HTML',
  • A large community is always ready to hangout in just a few minutes with your problem as a discussions Including a straight forward answer also,
  • You do not need an seperate account on it because it will be created automatically using your Openid or with accounts that you already on own on these sites Gmail, Facebook, Yahoo, Aol, wordpress, livejournal, verisign, etc..
  • Nearly 1,125,671 questions were already asked on it and while searching for your problem in them you'll gain lots useful information related to your project type,
  • There are many more programming related sites which you can see at the footer there.

Here is the list of topics in which most questions asked

You can conclude from these as Types of Topics, Community Engagement, Surety of help, levels of programming and experience etc.

  • c# - 127976,
  • Java - 82038,
  • Php - 71968,
  • JavaScript - 62771,
  • .Net - 59687,
  • - 56051,
  • Iphone - 53525,
  • Jquery - 52940.
  • C++ - 50031,
  • Python - 41251,
  • Sql - 32118,
  • MySql - 30624,
  • HTML - 29149,
  • Android - 28959,
  • Ruby-on-rails - 25159,
  • Objective-c - 24027,
  • C - 22864,
  • Sql-server - 22293,
  • CSS - 22278,
  • WPF - 20615,
  • - 18061,
  • Ruby - 16042,
  • XML - 15864,
  • Windows - 15123,
  • Database - 14149.

Whenever I go there, I only gained Some Knowledge, So my recommendation is u should give it a try.


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