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Start A Website

Updated on August 13, 2011

Start a Website That Helps you Make Good Profits

If your looking to start a website today, you no longer have to wait. Gone are the days of starting at a screen trying to figure out all of the crazy programming languages. Sure some programs kinda worked but for the majority of people doing FTP and hosting it just doesn't make sense to why this couldn't be easier.

Starting a website today become lot easier and affordable compared to back when I started in 1996. Most of the people who want to start a website just do not start it, due to paralysis of complication. Forget about the self help books because trying to setup a website with a book is completely useless. You need to see it in action kinda of like: Monkey See, Monkey Do.

But to tell you truth, you do not need to know it all. I mean you just wanted to get a website done not create the next best social media site. The process has been streamlined in the last couple of years and that is where I have decided to hunt down the easiest way to start a website online.

Start A Website Today


How to start a website that makes more profit

So to start with, you need to think of a good domain name. This is a most important thing that will decide the success or failure of your website.

Getting a good domain name rich with your target keyword can attract more traffic and hence more profits than the one which does not have your keyword. The best part of getting domain is that you do not need whole lot of money to get it. It is available at around $10 per year so it's unlikely to break the bank unless your that poor.

Second most important thing to start a website is getting a better hosting account which helps your site to run smoothly 24x7 year round. Just think of your domain name as your cell phone number and the hosting as the network provider. Without a good network provider and service, your cell phone is a waste no matter how much you invest on purchasing a good looking phone.

Nuts And Bolts

Hosting simply allows your domain to connect with the internet so that people around the whole world can look at your website.

Then you need to get better platform to start a website that makes you more profits. WordPress is one of the most popular and easiest platforms you can use to start a website. Once you are ready with all these you can just start posting the information you want to share to the world. Also you can sell your products and services via WordPress site that helps you make more and more profits in long run.


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