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Steam and Gas Turbine Working Process and Parts

Updated on October 25, 2019
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Hi this is imran .I am mechanical Engineer .I love to wirite articles and share my knowledge with others .

power plant steam jet turbine

Steam and gas turbine

In this article we will learn what is a steam turbine and its working process ,we will also know about its types and benefits of it to use in industrial level .Steam and gas turbine used in different industries like thermal power plant ,ships and sugar industries ,it is also used in power plants. This is due to is tendency of steam turbine to occupy small place.

Steam is a primary mover in which rotary motion is obtained by the gradual change of momentum of the state the basic principle of steam turbine is the generation of high velocity expansion of high pressure steam Jet by the expansion of eye pressure steam and then conversion of kinetic energy as obtained into mechanical work on rotor blades.


Classification Of steam turbine

Classification Of steam turbine

According to mood off steam action

Impulse turbine reaction turbine

According to the direction of steam flow

Axial flow turbine radial flow turbine

According to is as condition of steam

Condensing turbine non condensing turbine

According to number of stages

Single stage turbine multistage turbine

According to pressure of steam

High pressure steam turbine low pressure steam turbine medium pressure steam turbine

Impulse turbine Parts and working

First impulse turbine was invented in 1629 .Steam and water turbine a casing around the blades that contains control working fluid credit for invention of the steam turbine is given both 2 and anglo Iris engineer Sir Charles Parsons (1854 1931) for invention of the reaction turbine and Swedish engineer Gustaf de laval (1845 -1931).this impulse turbine works on the principle of steam Jet impulse Steam turbine consist of nozzle and big wheel with blades mounted on it when the steam passes through the nozzle steam with high pressure air strikes On The Blade of the wheel this impact Moves the wheel into rotatory motion .This steam that after impinging glides over the concave surface of the blades and finally leave the turbine the action of the jet officer team impinging on the players is said to be an impulse.

Impulse turbine simple steam turbine which is used commonly .impulse turbines working and

The basic part of the steam turbine given below

Nozzle runner blade casing

Nozzle in steam turbine is used to give steam direction and velocity. it is also used to throw low and high steam pressure on impulse turbine blades .nozzle is kept near the blades so that air cannot resist in this process .Impulse turbine is consist of this which is fixed on a horizontal shaft. Steam jet impacts on buckets through which buckets moves to the steam Jet direction, Blade motion rotate Runner to overcome the resistance damages blade surface kept very smooth. the casing of the steam turbine is consist of turbine runner and blades is casing a locked and control steam moment and it protect steam to not go into atmosphere so that no accidents occur during the process it is used as a safeguard for steam. impulse turbine require a steam generator which is called boiler .boiler produces steam ,steam goes to the steam lines attached with turbine and enter to the turbine nozzle .now nozzle through it on runner blades ,here blades got momentum and rotate wheel ,wheel also attached with shaft and shaft gets rotatory motion shaft transmitted this smooth rotation to the Engine or generator.which produce Electricity or movies the ship ,train.

impulse Turbine

Advantages of steam turbines

Advantages of steam turbines over reciprocating steam engine .High speed obtained through steam turbine, steam turbine have high efficiency of work, Steam turbine maintenance is very low space steam turbine takes to install it is so safe all parts are hidden in casing, one of the most important benefits of steam turbine is Torque of steam turbine remains constant.

Rotation turbine

Rotation turbine in a reaction turbine is, steam enters the wheel under the pressure and flow over the blades this team while gliding propellers and blades and make them to move as a matter of fact the turbine runner is rotated by the reactive force of steam jets.

Working fluid potential energy and kinetic energy the fluid maybe compressible or in compressible several physical principles are employed by turbines to collect this this energy impulse turbines change the direction of flow of high velocity fluid or gas jet

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2019 Imran Murtaza


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      Nice informative


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