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Steel Building as Industrial Shed

Updated on March 21, 2017

What is steel building?

Steel building is made of steel metals, sheets, purlins, beams, columns, gutters, pipes and nut bolts. Steel building is now a days a popular building technology in the world.

Benefits of steel building

The benefits of steel building are as follows:

Steel building is cost effective: The cost of steel building is as low as 60% of civil building made of concrete, bricks, cement and blocks.

Steel building has resale value: After certain time of using the steel building, it can be sold at good prices.

Steel building is less time consuming to build: The construction period is less than that for other construction technology. For example, if it needs 1 year for civil construction, for steel building it will take only 2 months.

Replaceable building: Steel building can be replaced to other area very easily.

Steel building is beautiful


What are you thinking about steel building technology, is it good?

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It is Convenient building technology

Steel building for school/ factory/labor shed
Steel building for school/ factory/labor shed | Source

Compare the 10000 sft steel building and concrete building

Steel Building
Concrete Building
80000 USD (Aprox.)
150000 USD (Aprox.)
30 days
300 days
150 years
40 years
Resale value

Industrial shed

For industrial shed, time limit for construction is little, cost should be less, should have option to replace and re-allocate. Considering all these factors, steel building is most suitable technology for industrial construction, factory shed, labor shed, office building, workshop, etc.

Steel building construction technology


Steel building is a cost effective, reliable, easy, and suitable technology for industrial uses.


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