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Stock Control Software

Updated on July 1, 2010

Inventory Management and Stock Control Software Packages

Powerful inventory control software is what you need if you’re looking for flexibility and ease of use. Software packages are usually custom designed to serve all types of application in production and inventory based industries. Inventory management is an integral part of manufacturing businesses. All manufacturing operation in our today’s world is almost non operational without the support of stock control software or any inventory management software.

Inventory management is used to control the major aspect of the manufacturing process. Its essentiality lies in checking current stock levels, supplier and vendor details and what goes when and where. This is done with the highest provisions to ensure that the entire manufacturing process is under strict compliance. Without the aid of suitable software packages and proper tools, the maintenance of such process can become enormously difficult.

Using Software to Control Inventory

Software packages for inventory control activities handle significant functions such as the following; the inspection of minimum inventory levels, cost tracking of FIFO/LIFO, quantities for reordering, serial number tracking, verification of item sales, tracking cost of billing for materials and real-time adjustments of stock levels, not to mention assembling and disassembling of items as well. Most software is devised to generate purchase and sale order reports of all kinds. It is also designed to accommodate customer relation management by organizing your client, supplier and seller information. 

There is inventory management or stock control software that is exclusively created for sale inventory purposes. The main function is to check sales item that are in and out of stock, purchase and sales order details, item sales by quantities, customer and invoice balances, details list of sales, outstanding order details and sales tax reports. 

With the fast-paced advancement of our technology today, the availability of software packages for inventory control management are flooding the market. Each of this software packages offer basic functions for stock control while outnumbering each other for providing additional tasks like barcode scanning and printing of labels such as barcode and vendor mailing labels, item pricing labels and customer’s shipping and mailing labels. 

Stock Control Software Features

Some may offer extensive tasks that will make your job easier and even much faster by automatically searching field name boxes for invoices, locating and generating purchase orders and filtering requested information. Innovative functions to mention can go on and on for the main purpose of providing high quality performance on support database for inventory control and complete sales management.  

Interaction and communication between departments are made easy and fast with multi-user functionality and user-friendly interfaces, not to mention the accessibility through remote access with the use of Internet connection. Before choosing software packages to handle your inventory control processing, take into account important factors such as the cost and maintenance expenditure, performance and functionality and the ability to integrate with the software you currently use. You’ll have plenty of opportunity to check out software presented by most companies that offers trial or demo versions for restricted amount of time.

Inventory statistic has been made effortless with the use of stock control software and other ground breaking tools for this purpose. There are even personalized software packages in the market that is customizable to serve your manufacturing process in a tailored fit manner. 


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