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Updated on November 17, 2012



You can Play Your MP3 or other audio files from mobile phone to wireless speaker.Because most of the Mobile phone,Smartphone and Tablets support network streaming.But, Do you know how to play an audio file from your Desktop or Laptop computer to an android devices?Here is a simple workshop that helps stream audio from your desktop PC to an Android phone using the wireless network, Using a simple utility on the PC and the phone, you can stream audio to more than one Android phone. Thus convert your phone into a wireless speaker or headset.

Download the 2 MB free server utility for Windows XP and Windows 7.
Download the 2 MB free server utility for Windows XP and Windows 7.
Start playing your audio and let ¡t stream to all your Android devices on the network.
Start playing your audio and let ¡t stream to all your Android devices on the network.

To stream your music, you need to do is download an app called SoundWire from the Android Market and a server utility from

The full version of the Android app Is available for RM11, which can stream simultaneously to ten Android phones. while the free version works for 30 minutes each time you start it. The server utility is free to download.

Download the server utility (only 2MB in size) on your PC and start it. A window will come up with details of the server’s IP address and the status of the connected phones. Additional controls available are volume control and input section, where you can select the default multimedia device (all audio from PC), line in and mic in (for inputs via AUX or microphone. Once done, download the SoundWire app and start it The app again has just one field, where you must insert the IP address of the PC which is running the server utility. Once you type in the IP address, simply press the SoundWire logo and your app will be connected to the server using the wireless network. That’s it) Once connected, whatever you play on your PC (music or video), the audio will be streamed wirelessly to your Android phone. If you go to the settings of your app. you can also specify a name for each of your Android phones, such as Phone A or Phone B and so on, which will be highlighted on the server app. Though there is slight lay or delay in the actual audio stream, you can tweak the audio buffer size for better result using the settings in the app.

This workshop can come in use for various purposes. Stream them to multiple phones and have the same music playing in all your rooms at home. You can use your Android phone as en alternative to a wireless headphone while watching a movie on your PC or laptop.

You can stream music from your desktop PC in your study to your phone connected to a speaker set in your bedroom. or garden during a patty. Any audio playing on the PC can be streamed to all the Android phones on the network.

Alternatives to the SoundWire app are SpeakerShare (although it didn't work too well) and AirBubble. which only works with Apples AirPlay applications such as iTunes.


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