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Structural Insulated Panel (SIP) with acoustic properties

Updated on January 10, 2012

Ready to build house - panels

With the recent development in wood and wood substitute products , it is possible to build a house with knock-down structural panels made out of wood and wood substitute products. This type ready to use structural panels are factory made , comes with standard or customized depends on requirements. This type of panels made available for variety of applications both for the houses and offices.

Being knock-down type fittings , The time taken for house or office buildings is shorter than concrete one. Depends on the floor option, the construction time may vary. Other wise only leveling the area and raising the wooden floor with supportive short polls are possible and can be made.

When we opt for this type of ready to fix structural panels , we need to consider the requirement of structural panels.Some of them as follows.

1. Being transported , it must be of light weight .

2. Structurally stable with minimum fittings.

3. Should be of insulated and have acoustic properties.

4. Should have the fire retardant property.

5. Aesthetically ,should have appealing look.

6. Should be free from insect attack.

7. Environmental friendly.

8. All types of hard wares can be placed without difficulties.

9. User friendly. Limited formaldehyde emission.

10. Should be from established manufacturer.

Structural insulated panel (SIP)

These are the specialty Knock - down type panels , made out of Oriented strand board. Oriented strand board are made out of woody masses from plantation timber, agro - forestry waste . Being used renewable material , it is regarded as environment friendly .

Oriented strand board sandwiched with polystyrene foam is called structural insulated panels. Total thickness of the sandwich panel , from 100mm to 150mm depends on requirement and the R- rating. This type of structurally insulated panels are considered as light weight panels and easy to handle.

Secondly resin is being used for bonding with other preservatives, it is acting as insect resistant . Even it can be made as fire retardant also. The insulation , helps us to save energy, by balancing the room temperature corresponding to the atmospheric conditions. Depends on the foam thickness the R-value is rated . Climatic conditions of the place will decide the requirement of R-value of the structurally insulated panels.


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    • sarovai profile image

      sarovai 6 years ago

      Thank u andycool , for stopping by and commenting on this hub. Being ready to fit, It is really a easy to use panel.

    • profile image

      andycool 6 years ago

      Structural Insulated Panel (SIP) is quite easy to use in your house while building it I suppose! You really provided your audience some useful info... voted up!