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Structural Steel Fabrication

Updated on August 8, 2017
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Steel Gates

Solid Coiled Rolled Down Gates
Solid Coiled Rolled Down Gates | Source

Structural Steel

Construction is a massive industry world over and the use of structural steel is taking over the conventional metals. The alloy is mixture of molybdenum, nickel, chromium, manganese and other elements as the case may be, these are mixed with carbon steel to yield required characteristics.

The structural steel is used to accord shapes to the parts used in building and also to manufacture support structures. Some of the examples are I Beam, channel, plate, hollow steel structures, rail, tee, bar rod and angle.

Video - Structural Steel Fabrication


Galvanized Beam
Galvanized Beam | Source

Building Parts

Lightweight structural steel is also used as building components or parts. These are common structures which accord usability to a building commercial or residential. Some of the components are windows, gates, ladders, grills, railings, fences and guard rails to name a few.

Other related fabricated steel products are burglar bars, steel window guards, roof railings, basement doors, chain security gates and so on.

Expanded metal mesh are used to make cages, guard rails, welded wire mesh staircases and so on.

Expanded Steel Metal

Mesh for staircase
Mesh for staircase | Source

More on Stuctural Steel

Properties of Structural Steel

Though the metal alloy can be varied by mixing different proportion of chemicals the property remains nearly the same. Light weight is one of the characteristic feature of structural steel. It is ductile, malleable and hence can take any shape. The product fabricated are of high tensile strength, they are durable and tough. The metal alloy can be welded which why it is possible to create products for construction.

The chemical combinations accord the metal with good mechanical properties. The addition of some chemicals in trace amounts make the metal very useful during fabrication. This is crucial for during manufacture mechanical stress and heat are applied on the metal and it should be able to withstand it.

The steel is resistant to corrosion and extreme temperatures after application of protective paint. In case of molds no such protection is needed since it forms a less suitable environment for them.

In case of construction site being in the vicinity there is a definite cost benefit of this metal as compared with reinforced concrete. Prefabricated products are transported to the site and installed quickly thus saving time as well.

Photo Fabrication

Fabrication Shop
Fabrication Shop | Source

Fabrication Shops

Modern day fabrication units are termed as shop wherein products using structural steel are designed, created and installed at the construction site. Not as simple as presumed the procedure may be complex.

A number of activities are carried out as per the mature or type of manufacture involved. The product designing is crucial since they have to be accorded requisite shape and size in addition to properties the end products should contain.

Some of the process involved post designing are bending, cutting, blacksmithing, forming, burning and so on. Machining is done to accord a smooth finish and assembling may be involved as well. The fabrication is a task that requires expertise and experience of the workers besides a well equipped infrastructure.

Video Fabrication

Metal Fabrication Future

Metal fabrication industry is linked with the state of construction industry. In USA the future is bright thanks to rising economy which is a healthy trend. At the moment demand exceeds supply as recycling is limited. Hence with construction on rise the industry is into a better future.

Emerging trends indicate higher demand for steel products as the contemporary fashion suggests. Restaurants, cafes, fast food joints all express proclivity towards the structural steel fabricated products. Homes and commercial structures are seeking contemporary themes and steel products gel well with this trend.

Computerisation as a result of technology advance along with robotics will fetch a paradigm shift in the industry for better. Well designed and manufacture products are the future of this industry. Hence fabrication shops have to keep in tandem with the emerging technologies. Overall as far as individual units are concerned the future depends upon the management and efficient manufacturing practices.

With prefabrication construction taking a firm hold the industry has to meet demand and supply gap efficiently. This would mean high stakes for metal shops in the coming future.

Roof Installation

Steel Roof Installation
Steel Roof Installation | Source

Book Metal Fabrication

Welding and Metal Fabrication
Welding and Metal Fabrication

A book on metal fabrication and processes.



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