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Cheapest Studio Keyboard

Updated on November 18, 2013

M-Audio Oxygen 8

When starting out creating your home studio one of the the first purchases most people make is the studio keyboard. You don't have to pay $1000's for a top of the range keyboard because you won't need to be utilizing the built in sounds. A very cheap MIDI controller keyboard is all that you will need to start out with.

With sequencing software such as Cubase, Reason, Fruity Loops etc.. You will use your MIDI controller studio keyboard to trigger sounds within the software itself. Software synthesis is great because you have a vast access to sounds. Many software sequencers have VST plugins or sound fonts where the sounds simulate real life instruments Reason uses something called "Refill patches".

The M-Audio Oxygen Studio MIDI Keyboard has only has 25 keys (2 - octaves) but is more than enough for programming melodies and bass lines etc. It has knob controllers which can be programmed to control the sample elements e.g. Attack, delay, release, and has velocity sensitive keys. This is the perfect tool for starting out with home recording studios.

Check out the range of Audio card from M-Audio, audio cards cards are important for low latency recording.

Some of the pricier MIDI controllers can be a nice cheaper alternative to an electric piano. With full 88 keys and hammer action, all you need is a good software sequencer with quality samples and a decent Audio interface in order to replicate a decent electric piano. MIDI controllers are generally light too, so they can be taken on stage.

M-Audio Oxygen 8

In the video below, all the sounds are coming from the software sequencer Reason. The keyboard is simply an inexpensive controller, triggering sounding from the music software Reason.

Some sampling using the M-Audio

Edirol PC-50

The Edirol PC-50 is a 49 key MIDI controller keyboard. With its slight hammer action and velocity sensitive keys, this is useful for more serious musicans. It supports both batteries, USB power and AC adaptor.

This is what is am using at the moment for production and DAW. Both hands can be used to play with a 49 key keyboard.


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