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Studio Recording: Writing Contest

Updated on April 7, 2022

Studio time....Costly, but remedies are available

This hub is merely to point out that one should thoroughly research all aspects of studio recording before attempting to professionally record your songs........

As per the things we bare our souls. Words transformed into Lyrics are but my soul, my thoughts, released for all to hear and internally it begins--people, the listener gain the ability to understand a piece of me. Throw in the melody, which gives the feeling behind the words only further bares my naked heart, my true identity, and presently, that is the scariest thing in the world to me right now. For years, actually since 1996 I have been writing music, lyrics and melodies. All those songs I have created have been sitting somewhere in a trunk disregarded for the lack of an avenue to be heard. I have been far too shy to get out there and play for others, and I do not know anyone that is affiliated to any of the artists needing material.

So, today I am walking into a studio to make a demo, working on song #1. The whole idea is exciting and scary. The particular song, has a Terry Clark feeling written all over it. I truly think she would make it a hit song. Or any artists wanting to express being in a dead end relationship but pulling away from getting hurt... In other words, get out while you still can.

There's a certain time while dating that you feel yourself somewhat slipping away, and you realize you really are caring about the other, and you then start paying attention to the other's actions, behaviors, and words... You notice your own feelings are not being returned, and they seem not to care. In fact, if you continue on in this one-sided relationship you might get your feelings hurt. But, it is a chance we must decide, a chance to hurt while with someone or the possibility of, if remaining involved, through time the feelings would eventually be reciprocated. My song, "Racing The Storms Clouds," reveals a sense of knowing things will never be reciprocate and that if it isn't there end it before the troubles occur.

Studios are a dime a dozen. People now have them set up in their own homes. If you own a computer, you too can record your own music. I would still prefer to wind up in Nashville any day to work with the pros. Some helpful tools to those willing and able to afford studio time be absolutely ready with your song prior to spending time and money. For the moment you walk in to one your wallet will deplete. If your song has any parts that aren't complete, such as, if your musical playing skills are only so-so, well, I can guarantee that it will cost you much time and money just to get one song ready. So, think wisely about it, do as much research as you can--research doesn't cost--don't jump in without your eyes wide open.. wouldn't want you to lose your pants when there is so much you can do to prevent it from happening to you.

Through Google search I have found some interesting articles about recording, here are some links if ever interested in finding out what to expect when jumping in to the recording aspects of a creation you may have begun.. The best of luck creating Magic!

IT IS, a whole lot of fun...Work too! But, the overall experience is truly amazing!!! Do have fun, and keep creating!!! in depth explanation describing the makeup of a studio.!AQ9FIkYfPzKz2035Ky9r5Q!/Studio-RecordingIf thinking you would like to do things yourself this is a great start to putting together your own. Alot of equipment involved. Home base studio.


Don't lose your trousers..costly!!
Don't lose your trousers..costly!! | Source
It can ba a ingular thing between the artist and producer or,........
It can ba a ingular thing between the artist and producer or,........ | Source
Or, it can be a group effort without an engineer creating all instrumental aspects.
Or, it can be a group effort without an engineer creating all instrumental aspects. | Source
Do the research!  SAVE MONEY!!!
Do the research! SAVE MONEY!!! | Source

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