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Sub $100 Portable DVD Players

Updated on July 8, 2014


Yes, you can pay less than $100.00 for a portable DVD player. And, yes, they are quite capable. You may expect that a price point this low for a portable DVD player would get you a stripped down version of the ones we normally see and hear about. However, with the Audiovox D1718PK and the Coby TF-DVD7107 you will see that is not necessarily the case.

The screens on both are 7 inches which is more than adequate for one person to watch and listen to. Dual headphones make it possible for two people to share the player, but I would think that it would not be that comfortable.

Accessories are abundant with both of these players. Headphones, car chargers, carrying bag, rechargeable battery, credit card size remote controls and cables for attaching to your television or other stereo equipment. Whether traveling or staying at home these players can be enjoyed.

Both the Audiovox D1718PK and the Coby TF-DVD7107 is compatible with most DVD and CD media, It is important to verify that your favorite media is compatible before purchasing. Users report that the screens are clear and bright, that the battery life is good and they are easy to navigate,

Price - $119.99 - Amazon $99.99

Brand/Model - Audiovox D1718PK

Screen Size - 7 inche widescreen

Battery Life - rated 3 hours, Built in Nicel metal hydride

Extras - integrated speakers, remote control, dual headphone jacks

Compatibility - DVD, CD, MP3, CDR, CDRW, Picture CD

Dimensions - 7.9 W x 7.9 D x 1.5 H

Price - $99.99 - Amazon $79.99

Brand/Model - Coby TF-DVD7107

Screen Size - 7 inche widescreen

Battery Life - 3+ hours

Extras - anti skip technology,

Compatibility - DVD, DVD+R/ RW, CD, CD-R/RW, MP3, JPEG

Dimensions - 8 W x 6 D x 2 H

If you are interested in the lower priced portable DVD players it may take a bit of searching. Some of the higher priced units have basically the same features. If you find the one you like and it is priced higher than you want to pay, look at the previous models that came before it.

Another option is to buy a used or refurbished player.

I would suggest that before you compromise features for price, keep looking. Say you want the swivel screen or a larger screen. Adding $50.00 could get you what you really want. If you are buying for the kids, especially the younger ones, the lower priced player may be the most suited for the handling it will get.


Tips for purchasing a portable DVD player video


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    • profile image

      PIANOMAN 9 years ago

      If you want to buy the SONY DVP-FX820 AMAZON has all colors for $139.55 with free shipping.

      Most other retailers are trying to sell it between $149.00 - $179.00