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Subnetting Index : The Index of Subnetting

Updated on May 5, 2011

Say goodbye to subnetting. -rancidTaste

For creating multiple logical networks from a single address block, we use subnetting. Actually, by subnet mask we can create multiple networks from a single IP. To create subnets, we borrow some bits form the host bits and by using these bits we can create several network and communicate with each network by using a router. So, thanks subnetting which allows us to create multiple networks by using only a single IP. Subnetting is an important part of CCNA exams and real life job area. If you sit for the CCNA exam or if you sit for any networking related job or if you go to interview of networking related job, you will see there are some questions related to subnets. I think, you understand the importance of subnet.

Many people tried, are trying and will be trying to learn subnetting. Many books are available in the market. Many organization offers several courses to teach subnetting. Moreover, the online free resources are also available to learn subnetting. I also tried all of the ways to learn subnetting three or four years ago. But I still remember, I had spent much time but I didn't find any good book or online materials or good guidelines. But I tried on my own way and by combining several resources I make a note to learn subnetting. I only follow that not and give some of my friends to that note. But amazing!! All of us really do better and my friends still thanks me. From then, subnetting is a game to me. I don't know why people always fear about that. Subnetting is really very easy.

Today, I have decided that I will write about the techniques of subnetting and publish them all. I will discuss all the tactics but only quick tactics to do subnetting. All things will be explained through examples. Later, you will find some exercise and do them all. I think if you do all of these contents, you say that subnetting is the easiest thing.

This page is just like an index page. You can use it to browse to the contents related to subnetting tutorials.

Many more pages will be included very soon. There will be a no of exercise with solutions to make you the master of subnetting. You may bookmark this page (to your browser) and visit soon. I am working to create those tutorials. I need much time to create those tutorials. Please be patient untill I added here all of the tutorials.

© Written by rancidTaste

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      khalil 8 years ago

      look it ur question and then answer lol its wrong answer

      Problem Definition and Questions:

      Number of needed usable subnets are....28

      Network address is.............................

      Based on the above information, find the followings: