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Sunpak Wired SelfieWand Kit, Product Review

Updated on August 24, 2015
My SelfieWand
My SelfieWand
Mia trying out the SelfieWand
Mia trying out the SelfieWand
Mia extending the SelfieWand
Mia extending the SelfieWand
Mia with the SelfieWand
Mia with the SelfieWand

Don't leave home without your selfie wand.

You see them everywhere, and they are all the rage now, everybody is getting one. They are called Selfie Wands or Selfie Sticks. I first became aware of them, when I saw Jack Vale and Ed Bassmaster using them on youtube , while doing their vlogs. I never thought I would get one, but I did.

What is the Sunpak SelfieWand Kit? It is a base that holds a smartphone, compact camera and a GoPro, it is attached to an adjustable wand. Which has a shutter button to press to take the picture, and a wired shutter cable which plugs into the phones ear jack, and enables it to take the picture. It also comes with an adapter for a GoPro. The instructions are on the box. It works with smartphones both ios and Android and iPhones, as well as compact cameras and GoPro. There are no apps to install and no pairing needed. Also Needs no batteries either. The wand extends to 42", folds to just 8.5". The wand is made of stainless steel with a plastic handle, which has a strap attached to it. The SelfieWand is a trademark of ToCAD America, Based out of Rockaway NJ and made in China. you can visit the website at

Now as for operating the wired shutter, "here I ran into problems" . The instructions for this are not very clear. For the insrtuctions on the box for an android phone. It says: Turn on the camera or video. Then just press the shutter release button, built into the wand. Sounds simple, right? But.... wait. I think they should include a booklet with more info on how to make it work..

Note: Some Android uses may experience the camera zoom moving in and out when the shutter release button is pressed, ( which it did for me) I have a Samsung Galaxy S-3. And it will not take a picture. So if this happens, go into your phones camera settings and change the "volume key' setting to "the camera Key". Well my phone did not have this setting, but my tablet did, which is a Samsung as well. Anyway after much playing around with my phone, I could not get it to work. I went online and looked for a solution. And I did find one.

I had to end up installing another camera to use with the selfie wand, now I have two cameras. The camera app. I used is at the Google Play store. It is the Camera 360 Ultimate app. But you can choose a camera that you like, and works with your phone. I do have to say most likely you will have to have a different camera app., because my son tried the selfie wand on his phone as well, and his did not have the setting which they are telling you to use, and his phone is an HTC. I don't know about other Selfie Wand Brands,and what type of settings need to be used, but hey for $7.99 at Wal Marts I can't complain. A lot of other Selfie Wands cost more money, and some even have settings on the wand, but it all depends on what you are looking for in a wand. I just wanted a simple one, I don't take many selfies of myself, I wanted it for other reasons. Like making videos, and walking around at the same time, without having my phone up to my face, God forbid I trip and fall, ha ha.

So what is so great about Selfie Wands? It's the easiest fastest, and fun way to take great selfies and videos. You can take a picture with an interesting background or have more then two people in the shot. You can take a group photo shot. You can adjust the wand itself, it can be shorter or longer, your choice. You can also make a video, as it let you walk around and move more freely. It just takes a little practice, and you will be a selfie pro photo taker in no time at all! In the pictures, you can see my granddaughter trying mine out.

So if you are looking for an inexpensive SelfieWand, Then The Sunpak wired SelfieWand Kit is a good one, and it gets the job done, plus it's under $10, it makes a great gift as well.

Update: 8/24/15 Today for my daughter Lisa's Birthday , I gave her a Sunpak SelfieWand because she is always taking selfies . i gotta say she was really surprised and really liked her gift. And I know she will get a lot of use out of it.


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    • profile image

      Phillip 18 months ago

      this is a piece of sheet. Not work

    • lucybell21 profile image

      Bonny OBrien 18 months ago from Troy, N.Y.

      Phillip, first thank you for reading my post. Secondly you don't say what's wrong with your stick or what type of phone you have. You may have to install a different camera app

    • profile image

      Cindy 16 months ago

      I have a Samsung Note 3 had the same problem went to camara settings put on camara no problem worked fine. Just make sure you have a phone case for your in case it falls it wont break not sure how good it holds. only used it a couple of times. Did not need to get a different app

    • profile image

      Scott 15 months ago

      thank you...awesomw content...if I didn't see this I would have never known to download another camera app...thank I can use my selfie wand...hahah

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