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How to Hide Files or folders

Updated on May 26, 2009

How to Superhide your file?

Its important to understand the logic before hiding the file

you may have notice that windows (system) contents are hidden like autoexec n all, what they do is just add an Attribute to the file called Superhide, and then it wont be visible to the user unless the attributes are changed, the Superhide Attribute is just like another attributes like Read only, Write, Hidden, Achieve file e.t.c.

Now since the superhide is used to hide the information of microsoft windows they have not made this option available in simple GUI,

How to do it?

you need to open command prompt for this, now decide the folder or file you want to hide, copy the path, Here we take Example of say c:\New folder

here's the command

attrib +a +h +r +s <path>

for our example

attrib +a +h +r +s "c:\New folder"

Since there is space in New folder we have to use  "double quotes"

And there you go your file is not visible to anyone now. . .  .

How to unhide it?

jst change + into -


attrib -a -h -r -s "c:\New folder"

Similarly you can do this for any folder, this trick is just for Microsoft windows



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