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Superfast Broadband in Newquay and Cornwall

Updated on May 9, 2013

Superfast Broadband

What a lot of people don't realise is that Cornwall originally pioneered transatlantic communications, when the UK was joined to the US for the first time, completing a round the world network of underwater cables. That was many many moons ago - and you can still visit the Porthcurno Telegraphic Museum to this day.

But when the Internet started to take off, it seemed at one point that Cornwall would be left behind. Luckily, this didn't happen - and Cornwall became an area where it was most easy for most people to get broadband.

Well, next came superfast broadband....

Superfast Broadband for Business

Many businesses rely on broadband, but it doesn't matter what systems you've got, if you're not keeping up with the rest of your competitors, or the country, or the world, you can quickly find yourself left behind - both in terms of market position, growth potential and income.

Superfast Broadband

Superfast Broadband in Newquay and Cornwall: The Internet
Superfast Broadband in Newquay and Cornwall: The Internet | Source

Once superfast broadband started to be talked about, I think most people suspected that Cornwall had had its glorious broadband moment and wouldn't get much of a look in for new, improved services.

But that changed as superfast broadband is coming to Cornwall. There'll be superfast broadband available in Newquay - and the good news is that the rollout starts right now, immediately. It's not an idea, or for discussion. Rollout of superfast broadband will be starting straight away in Newquay and finishing in 2014.

The cost of this rollout is a massive £132million.

As there are half a million people living in the county in total, that'd equate to an inward investment to Cornwall of about £264 each!

With the potential for broadband speeds of up to 100 Mbits per second, it is hoped this will  attract new companies to the region, and enable existing local firms to become more competitive.

4G Trial in Newquay Cornwall

In 2011/2012, there will be a trial of a new 4G system to access the broadband. Householders living just south of Newquay (mostly in St Newlyn East) have been invited to apply to be part of the trial.

The 4G trial in Newquay will be seeing if broadband can be delivered to more rural areas effectively and testers will be trialling 4G dongles and 4G hard-wired broadband.


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