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Sure Shot Way to Get Your Android Phone Bricked!!

Updated on February 19, 2013

Brick:This word can be used to specify any device be it a phone, an mp3 player , a camera or whatever,which has become useless => which doesnt boot up at all.

Devices which boot up but shuts off along the way aren't bricked.They can actually be fixed.

For all those android users out there,here is a sure shot way to get your dear smartphone bricked.Lets get right into the topic

Step 1:Root your device

Root your android device.For those who dont know how to root your phone just google the model number of your phone space 'root'(eg: I9000 root).Most of the times there will be a root package intended for your phone.Follow the instructions given in the site or whatever.Now that your phone is rooted you can move to the next step.

Step 2:Install ROM Manager

Install 'ROM Manager' from play store.Start the application.Scroll down to see the option "Backup Current ROM".Click on it.After some clicks a window showing certain model names will show up.Click on any model which is NOT your phone model.Wait for a few seconds.It will show something getting installed.Once it is finished a dialogue box pops up saying something(well I dint get the chance to notice what it was cos i wasn't able to boot my phone after that) has been installed.

1-2seconds and we are done.The phone just shUts off just like that.



Well,rooting an android phone isn't that a big deal (except that you loose your warranty coverage),because even if it doesn't get rooted you can still use the phone unrooted like you used to.Flashing ROMS is not like that.If there is a small mistake in the procedure your phone will be bricked 4 out of 5 times.Unless you have a ferrari or a rolls royce in your porch or you have some serious problem with android phones always flash ROMS carefully.Do not do it if it is not meant for your specific phone model.

Please do suggest some ways to make use of a bricked smartphone.

Have you got your phone bricked?

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