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Sustainable Energy

Updated on June 27, 2009

The Earth

Do we wish to have these comforts in the future?

     Modern day humans depend on energy to power their everyday lives in many ways.  Gasoline powered vehicles provide transportation for people to get to work and for trucking companies to move food from farm to grocery. Electric generating plants produce power for lights, heat, hot water and cooking from nonrenewable resources such as oil and coal. Many everyday items like plastic cups and baggies are produced from oil based products.  There are very few modern conveniences that use resources which do not add to pollution and pollution contributes to global warming.  So it is very important to find new ways of sustaining these conveniences without adding to pollution.

            Conserving energy is important for the community if people wish to have these comforts available in the future. But the increased use of conveniences by a growing human population would not be an issue if the resources that provided these comforts were renewable.  Renewable resources replenish themselves naturally for future harvest while nonrenewable resources do not replacement themselves naturally.  Oil and natural gas are two nonrenewable resources that are harvested from vast amounts that are stored naturally in the earth’s crust. 

            Harvesting oil and natural gas as energy sources and for products pollutes the environment. Manpower and expensive machinery is needed and the cost is passed on to consumers.  In comparison alternative energy sources such as solar or wind power can be harvested constantly without pollution. They require less manpower or expense and last  indefinitely without depleting the natural resource because the sun shines daily and the wind will blow regardless if the power it presents is harvested or not.  Other renewable resources include products made from hemp or paper which come from plants and can be biodegraded and grown in large qualities.

         There are quite a few methods that members of the community can do to help conserve energy and help the environment.  Helping both issues at the same time is important because pollution from using nonrenewable sources is adding to global warming and climate change.  Additionally products made from nonrenewable sources do not decompose as quickly as other natural sources so trash and garbage is increasing pollution in natural areas and affecting wildlife habitats. 

            A great way to help save energy is by using alternative transportation like walking or bicycling instead of driving. Another way to help the environment and save energy would be to use earth friendly products which are labeled as being kind to the environment.  Picking up litter and trash could be a community or school project that will help teach others about the importance of conserving energy and pollution.  Additionally people can install a solar panel system to power some or all items at home or in recreational vehicles so that less commercial power is used and so that they can become self reliant by making their own electricity.

         Government efforts start at city level with local officials and politicians who represent the

voice of the community to county and state officials who respond or request higher federal level

involvement. With this step by step government procedure in mind it is easy to realize that

government efforts start at home and how important it is that the home owner’s association plays a

vital part in bringing together the people of the community and the government resources available.

       The government can encourage and support the use and change over of alternative energy in

cities and offer incentives for products produced with renewable resources.  At a local level the

local officals can help by making information available in public hand outs and education. Additionally, the government can help by making information available in public hand outs, education, town meetings and festivals to make the public aware of what is should be done to help ensure a nice environment to live in.

            In conclusion this beautiful country has many great natural resources that can be used to provide American's with the comforts they are accustom to in the future if more interest and a wiliness to learn more about the affects of modern human activity on the environment. The differences of renewable and nonrenewable energy  are so important  and everybody will have to help because each person makes waste and pollution that must be dealt with to ensure the planet's survival.  We have to face the facts and become more able to sustain future generations and learn how to help keep the environment healthy now by polluting less. 






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    • profile image

      just 4 the planet 6 years ago

      I agree conserving energy is important and we should all be looking at the materials used in our purchased goods. We all have a role to play in conserving this great home we call "planet earth"