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Choosing Swift App Development Services: Insights for Entrepreneurs

Updated on October 14, 2016

Business Mobile Apps: A Key Driver

Mobile App Adoption
Mobile App Adoption | Source

Mobile App Strategy Adoption: Overview

In 2013, only 7% of the business community had a fully implemented mobile app strategy and 51% were oblivion to it. But a dramatic change happened in the next 2 years. Around 52% of the community adopted it, and only 11% remained untouched.

Wondering what made it happen? Unequivocally, the credit goes to the shift of consumers from PC to mobile and thereafter from the mobile-based web to the mobile app. Today, consumers spend a whopping 3 hrs and 40 minutes per day on their mobile devices, and above 80% of that time is invested in apps alone. In fact, apps have become an integral component of a smartphone or tablet user’s life and this is the raison d'etre behind a brand’s decision to invest in mobile app development services.

Swift Programming Language

Swift Programming Language
Swift Programming Language | Source

Why Adopt Swift App Development Services

Healthy Stats of iOS App Store Downloads

With just 13.09% share of the mobile operating system market in its bag, Apple's iOS lags much behind Google's Android that feeds upon the major chunk equaling 82.8%. Also, App Store is no match to Google play in terms of popularity and app downloads. In 2015, the number of downloaded apps for Google play was approximately 2 million, whereas App Store managed to reach just the halfway mark. However, the App Store by Apple gives Google play a run for its money when it comes to economy. The revenue of App Store was just double of what its counterpart had in the period.

Healthy Stats of iOS App Retention Rate

The retention rate of iOS apps (continuation of a user with an app) is also much healthier than that of Android apps (36% Vs 23%). Retention rate is one of the key mobile app usage metrics indicating how long an app stays on a user’s device after getting installed. The usability, performance and security of an app influence its retention rate and, interestingly, iOS apps that are developed using Swift language exhibit a high degree of adherence to these attributes. The ability of Swift to impart such qualities to an app have made it a popular iOS programming language. The TIOBE Programming Community Index that tracks the popularity of programming languages places Swift above Objective-C and many other high-level languages.

Healthier Engagement & Conversion

Traffic, engagement and conversion rates on iOS are also stronger than what is on Android and, undeniably, the credit goes to the flexibility and efficiency of Swift. The incremental enhancements from Swift 1.0 through Swift 3.0 in terms of coding, compiling and debugging have succeeded in taking Swift app development to a new high. Swift 3.0, which is expected to release in late 2016, features more easy-to-use syntax and semantics, API design guidelines and improvements to tooling quality to foster simplicity and precision in app development. The evolving nature of IDE (Integrated Development Environment) i.e. Xcode is also a key driver, believe most of the Swift app developers registered with Apple Developers Programme. Enhancements of editor, core libraries and compiler and the inclusion of Package Manager and Xcode Playground Support in Swift 3.0 are remarkable.

The App You Love

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Finding the Right Match

Choosing Right Swift App Development
Choosing Right Swift App Development | Source

How to Hire a Swift App Development Company

Planning to give a boost to your business by having a native iOS app, but are skeptical about the upfront investment, return on investment and most importantly choosing the right Swift app development services provider? If yes, I insist you read 5 things on how to choose a Swift app development company.

Types of Project a Company Has Done

Get in touch with different vendors and know about the type of projects they have successfully completed. Most of the companies often have a portfolio section showcasing their project, name of the client, client’s challenges and the solution offered through the apps. However, don’t buy their words. Cross-check their claims with App Store. Here, you will come to know about the version update, enhancement provided and most importantly, the customer’ review.

Opinions of Independent App Reviewing Companies

Make it a point to reach out to trusted app review portals like AppFutura. There you can find opinions and ratings about the company, their completed projects, client-satisfaction review, genuine testimonials, track record, budget and much more must-have information often required for the decision-making.

Expertise in Language and IDE

Change is the only constant. If the digital consumption pattern and behavior of users have changed over the time, the Swift programming language has also not remained immune to what is required by consumers and developers. But, is the vendor in question competent in working with the latest versions of Swift and Xcode? Are their developers capable of harnessing the capabilities of the enhancements made with the language? Can you rely on the vendor in the long term, so that you can make available apps or services to your client in the best possible manner? Hence, it’s a must for you to get into the background of the Swift app development company you choose. Collect as much relevant information as possible through reliable sources.

Work Together

Collaboration | Source


How effectively you communicate and how eagerly and patiently the developer listens to you is a vital aspect, as design and functionality of the app is influenced by it. Make sure that you have multiple channels like phone, Skype, instant message or email for communicating your requirements and interests. Some vendors do provide their clients with a real-time project tracking system. If you get access to such a system, it would be a lot easier for you to stay acquainted with the progress. You can even control the team of Swift app developers working on your project.

After-Sales Support

Apple keeps on updating and upgrading its iOS so as to deliver a better experience to users. Based on the features of latest and popular version of iOS, you should too upgrade your app so that it can drive engagement, invoke a sense of curiosity and let them make optimum use of the new features. Hence, make sure that the company you select today is ready to render its application maintenance and upgrade services in the future as well. Don’t go by their words alone; rather read between the lines of the terms and conditions applicable to the service and take everything on paper before you loosen the string of your purse.


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