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System Monitoring In Linux

Updated on February 20, 2010

Conky in my ubuntu desktop

X Monitoring In Linux

This time, I am coming up with a great but simple tool that monitors your system in an advanced manner. This tool is built to work in Linux only and it is called Conky. It's basically a good project which is continuously being developed by the Free and Open Source Software supporters. The best part of this tool is that it is highly configurable according to your needs.

My friend introduced this to me a couple of months ago. I was amazed to see this tool working on his desktop. There is a simple script which is responsible for everything this tool exhibits. It's nothing but a chunk of handy commands. If you edit the values, then you can find the change as an immediate result. You can download conky from the home page.

Conky is good looking

Unlike the name, this tool is really looking. If you save the script in your home directory of your Linux system, you can just invoke this tool just by typing conky in your terminal console. You can have any number of things you want to be floating in your desktop. It can display real time information about a lot of parameters like CPU performance (graphical as well as numerical), Temperature, time, date, Load, Had disk usage, memory usage, network usage, background and foreground applications, user logged in, etc. It's really cool.

When I see Hollywood movies about hacking and stuff like that, I used to think what might be the tools these guys use to feel so geeky. And conky is such a tool. Just assume about a tool which displays real time statistics about your system by simply floating and drawing everything in the desktop itself. That's conky. Once again, it's infinitely configurable.You can change colour and size settings, toggle between different monitoring elements, etc. It's really simple. You need to be a geek to use and handle this tool but the tool like geeky.

A closer look...

In order to make it clear what I am talking about, I have enclosed screeshots of conky from my Linux (ubuntu) desktop.

So try conky today.


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