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Updated on September 7, 2013

For centuries, palm reading has been kind of a “taboo”. However, what your palms show in the form of lines and shapes, have been proven to be one of the more accurate ways to interpret personalities, and even destiny. If you are the skeptic type, you might want to read something else, but if your curiosity is as big as mine... WELCOME!

Palmistry or Quiromancy, is a science which was originated initially in India, several thousands of years ago. The eternal human apprehension to know the unknown, pushed this practice through centuries, by studying not only the lines of the palm of human hands, but also other characteristics, such as shape of the hand and fingers, skin color and texture, and the presence of other details, such as the “mounts”, the form of the knuckles, and the nails.

The most known version of palmistry is the one from the old Greece, which can reveal not only the personality, and past experiences of the owner of the palm, but also can predict, based in a bundle of unique details on each hand, what could be waiting for the future.

But first, we need to know the basics, like which hand to read, what to look for, and to pay attention to the combination of all the signs, in a hand. Of course, this is just another “guessing”, however, due to the fact that these readings are based on the presence of certain physical factors, it is very possible to determine what kind of personality we are dealing with.


As a first rule in Palmistry, the hand you read is the predominant hand on that individual. By general rule, each hand has its own revelations:

Left hand: Amazingly, some palm readers were convinced that the left hand is controlled by the right side of the brain, while the right hand is controlled by the left side of the brain. According to ancient cultures, the right side of the brain contains what God gave you like talent, and inclination for sports, and other gifts. This is the “inner” side of the personality in a person. The right hand, they said it was controlled by the left side of the brain, where these talents are put to work, to materialize them. In other words, the left side of the brain is the “outer” side of someone's personality.

Some cultures considered the left hand, the one to be read for women; and the right hand the one to be read for men. Which hand to read, had also a lot to do, with what the person wanted to know: the past or the future. Palm readers would chose the right hand for the future, and the left one for the past.


Palmistry, is not only about reading the lines, on the palm of the hand. Experienced palm readers observe your hand, before they even read it. According to ancient cultures, hands are divided on 4 groups:

-EARTH: These hands have square shape palms and fingers, and they usually show thick skin.

-AIR: They are usually rectangular palms, with long fingers, protruding knuckles, and the skin is dry.

-WATER: These hands show oval palms, long, conical, flexible fingers

-FIRE: Could be square or rectangular palms, shorter fingers, showing pinkish skin.


There are 7 crucial lines in your palm. The reading is a combination of concepts, revealed by the conjunction of all these lines.

-LIFE LINE: Contrary to an old myth: The length of this line DOES NOT constitute how long that person in going to live. The life line in your palm (see diagram on this page) has to do more with life changes: injuries, cataclysms, relocation, vitality, vigor and health.

-HEAD LINE: It has to do with the mind, it reveals an interest for knowledge, and intellectual inclination.

-HEART LINE: If it is chained or griddle, means the owner of that palm is creative, very emotional, and spontaneous. Artists and scientists are usually detected, by palm readers due to this line.

-GIRDLE OF VENUS: It is typical for manipulators, and extremely emotional intelligent individuals.

-SUN LINE: Reveals fame, or scandal. I was told by a professional palm reader, that these lines are usually, on the hands of the “rich and famous”.

-MERCURY LINE: Generally, shown on the palms of individuals, facing chronic illness of some kind.

-FATE LINES: It is the line of the success, and the failure. By reading this line combine with others, some palm readers can tell, when someone is suffering the consequences of a bad choice in life.

-TRAVEL LINES: (Not shown on the diagram in this page), this line goes from the outer edge of the hand (where the pinky is), all the way to the center of the palm. The longer and deeper the line, the more significant that trip has been for the owner of the palm.

-APOLLO LINE: Goes from the wrist, all the way to the base of the ring finger. This line, for Palmistry, reveals a very fortunate life.

-OMINOUS LINE: More than lines, this are X or M shapes over the heart and head lines. For some cultures, these are signs of reincarnations, for other palm readers, these lines are not to be read.


In order to read the lines, you must know first, the surface they cross. The palm is divided on 7 mounts, and each one can change the meaning of the reading, depending what line crosses it.

-LUNA: Represents perception, creativity and imagination.

-VENUS: Represents harmony, kindness, grace, beauty sensuality, and sexual health.

-MARS NEGATIVE: Represents individuals with anger issues, mostly aggressive.

-MARS POSITIVE: Represents mental state, these are very calm individuals, very persistent in life.

-JUPITER: Represents ambition, confidence, leadership and justice.

-SATURN: Wisdom.

-SUN: Charisma, success, and integrity.

-MERCURY: Intuition, spontaneity, and the ability to communicate with others.


Let's remember that this is an ancient science, therefore it requires knowledge and a lot of practice. Palm readers, around the world, know how a reading can affect the physique of a person. This is not a game, is serious business, so if you decide to pursue this information, don't take it lightly. Of course, the last word in anybody's future, is not up to us, but at least knowing the concepts, is very interesting. After centuries of practicing Palmistry, around the world, don't you think there might be a hint of truth, within the palm of your hand?


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